Common Types of Event Catering and How To Save Money

>>Common Types of Event Catering and How To Save Money

Common Types of Event Catering and How To Save Money

Catering could be a bit overwhelming particular for new clients and for those who didn’t hire an event planner from Party Rentals Miami. Whether your business needs orders for a meeting or hosting your wedding day and need fine cuisine, there are many methods to simplify your catering to help you save money. However, with hundreds of mouthwatering food options, covering dozens of menus, it can be challenging to ascertain where to get started. We thought we’d share some basic but potent approaches to assist.

A fantastic place to begin is to comprehend the many different kinds of catering. Each type comes with a slightly different sort of preparation, pricing, and, ordering processes. Once you narrow down the ones you’ll need, it is going to greatly simplify your menu options, while also saving you cash and time on the ordering.

Miami Party Rentals will show you some types of catering to consider and later on I will explain to you how to save money:



We could agree that catering leaves a significant effect on a lucky bride wedding day. From the wedding couple to family member or friends, you need to makes sure everyone eats well. Decorations, dinner, dessert, and, drinks are part of wedding preparation too.

However, often great food is something people will remember vividly and talk about for a while, and some will even ask you, “who cook the amazing food at your wedding,” and you’ll know, right?


From modest office meetings and big corporate events, the capacity to get good food delivered onsite saves time and money. Truthfully, it will help you concentrate on the essential job at hand, your enterprise! Box lunches, continental breakfast, and, even buffets remain popular for corporate catering.

Social Event Catering

social event catering

From large family get-together, birthday parties to large backyard BBQs, societal events cover a vast assortment of occasions and meals. Appetizers, bartenders, and, décor are only some of the things you could see catered at these events.

Concession Events

For example, seasonal and major sporting events or occasions where you come across many people it’s where you will find delicious food catered by a catering firm. Yeah, planning for them requires a professional to make sure they have all of the ideal menu options for the visitors. You’ll discover all of the guest’s favorites such as hot dogs, burgers chili cheese fries, and, even ice cream.

Save Yourself Some Cash With These Suggestions

save yourself some cash with these suggestions

Now that you know the categories let’s find ways to save you money. Always remember that you’re in control of everything you buy. Sounds easy but the truth is with all these options it’s easy to forget your financial plan and wind up wasting much more money on food than you could manage!

A top variable of your catering costs depends upon how many people you’re feeding. You’d be astonished how many times a host failed on his/her order because they didn’t understand the amount of guest that were attending. So know your guest count before you call to find an estimate. It could help your budget and remove unnecessary and last minute confusing menu changes.

Types of Delivery Methods

types of delivery methods

A fantastic professional caterer can give you various ways to get your meals delivered including:

Pick up-you pick up the food in the caterer’s place. It’s a choice to protect you from the shipping fees or help you save time if you’re in a hurry.

Drop off-the most usual service, especially for social and corporate occasions, in which the caterer ships the meals in disposable containers.

Real Display- both buffets and banquets host consider the alternative of the ‘real display’ because the caterer will prepare the food and tables serving area such as linens, glassware, tableware, and, much more.

Full Service: Along with the real display, you could have the meals professionally served as well as cooked on location!

Know Your Budget Before You Purchase

It is frequently the first thing that you’ll need to consider but often the last thing that gets figured out. For many sellers or caterers, pricing is decided by a dollar/person pricing model. So a simple way to produce your budget is to learn the total amount that you would like to invest and split it by the estimated visitors. So knowing the number of guests essentially will assist the caterer in helping you make or save you more money!

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