The Top Sweet Sixteen Party Recommendations

>>The Top Sweet Sixteen Party Recommendations

The Top Sweet Sixteen Party Recommendations

Turning sixteen is a fun time for any teenaged girl since it marks the transition from youth to adult. To honor and celebrate the birthday girl in a grand manner, party rentals in Miami planners will discuss fascinating hints for organizing a sweet sixteen. It will help you make sure everyone remembers the moment for many years.

For many girls, turning sixteen is as essential as a grown woman expecting her wedding day. However, some ladies find it as unique as any other birthday party. It depends on the person but for parents making a sweet 16 party could get exciting to overwhelming real quick. So let’s take a look at 24 Hours Party Rental Miami expert tips for a smooth planning process and successful party.

Select the right party date

A sweet sixteen party doesn’t need to get celebrated on the honoree’s real birthdate. So to better accommodate friends and family, check out your calendar and pick a date that is right for everyone. For instance, get a time that works best for your visitors and especially pick non-holidays.

The guest list

the guest list

A sweet sixteen doesn’t have to be a larger-than-life event, but it’s up to the host. Occasionally households choose to restrict the guest list to only relative’s members and intimate friends. Other families believe that a landmark birthday needs to invite everyone in their kid’s life.

Nevertheless, whether you request a small number of guests or many people, you’ll need to decide on the number of guests. Since it is essential to make you send your guest list early to protect your perfect venue by offering an estimated headcount.

Creating Invitations

The sweet sixteen celebration invitations must reflect the party theme. Still, guests enjoy getting invitations in the mail. So what better way to set the tone by getting a gorgeous, tasteful and enjoyable invitation thru the post office? You could decide on modern graphics, a photo collage, classy calligraphy or even a touch of glitter.

Popular Themes

popular themes

The theme of the sweet sixteen is the central point that encloses the celebration. For example, decorations, flowers, centerpieces, balloons, photo booth, and, party favors must feature the theme and color outline. Now, favorite sweet sixteen party topics include a beach, fairytale, glow theme, bright, pretty in pink, high fashion, and, under the stars.

Hire the right entertainment or entertainers

As the sweet sixteen warms up with eager teenagers, it’s better to employ a DJ to excite the audience better. The choice of a DJ is much more engaging and suitable for a younger audience than reserving a live band as it is usually, reserved for weddings.

Furthermore, DJs frequently bring party motivators, for example, MCs, and give out exciting things like glow sticks and sunglasses that you can customize to the sweet sixteen.

Sweet 16 Party Cuisine

sweet 16 party cuisine

To organize a sweet sixteen menu, take into consideration the guest list as it’s chiefly made up of adolescent boys and girls. They don’t necessarily anticipate a classic dining experience. To nourish an area full of starving teenagers, offer fun food stations that allow for continuous snacking and shuffling to and out of the dance floor.

Party Rentals in Miami planners recommend a buffet so guests could pick and choose what they would like to eat.

Hire a photographer

Employing a professional photographer will permit you to capture high-quality pictures of your family members, friends, and, the lady of the hour during the event. The truth, it is a special event, that requires many visitors to look their best, so why not keep memories of them.

Dressing a sweet sixteen teen

dressing a sweet sixteen teen

The honorary guest is who guests have come to see. Therefore it’s crucial that she’s wearing a stylish gown or dress, jumpsuit/romper or even a classy blouse and skirt. Moreover, make sure the birthday girl wears comfortable shoes, as she is going to be posing for photos and dancing with friends and family.

Designing the birthday cake

Blowing out the candles on a birthday cake is much better when the cake is customized. Whether you elect for a single tier or two, buttercream or layers of chocolate along with specific flavored filling, make sure it can nourish the number of guests you invited. Remember the design has to please the lady of the day.

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