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24 Hours Party Rental Expert Christmas Party Planning Hints

24 Hours Party Rental planners realize arranging a Christmas party can be a frightening experience; because of the fear of making a mess. It’s understandable! Trying to please many people including friends, co-workers, and family can be difficult. Everyone wants to make great memories but they have different ideas of what’s fun. And, they will probably post good or bad pictures of your party all over Facebook and Pinterest.

Have you already planned your Christmas Party? Yes. However, don’t be careless, there could be something you’ve missed. That’s the top reason we’ve assembled the following Christmas party rental planning tips.


The date and venue are especially significant in December. It is common to see a venue booking early. So, it’s ideal to get this arranged ASAP to guarantee you get the Christmas party date you want.





Knowing your Christmas budget will assist you with the party you want to plan. Therefore, find your concrete number before you put down deposits and booking items like chairs and tables. As with all holiday budgets, go over the budget a little… hello, it’s Christmas.


  • Find out your maximum budget at the start as this will enable you to plan a properly segmented budget.


  • Leave some back-up money, you never know.


  • Distribute the budget from the start and work out which areas will require more money and the areas where you can spend less.


  • Venues at Christmas charge more for reserving, so you must consider this increase.


Picking a Venue


Consider this when you finalize your venue option.


  • Your most likely limited to search a specific area, yet search more. We all want to find that diamond in the dirt setting that no one knows about. However, find a practical place with the right facilities for your needs.


  • Visit the setting and remember to take photographs so you can know the place. Also, acquaint yourself with the event team or ask if you can bring your event planner. You can brief venue security that all participants should wear the wristbands you’ve design to permit entry into the gathering.


  • If you like a setting, call right away and get a quote. See whether you can temporarily put the venue on hold. Well, until you have gone through all your options.


  • Negotiate! Deal with them, you won’t get it if you don’t negotiate.

Now, you can also host a home Christmas party for 20 people in the patio without worrying about reservations. But make sure your patio is big enough for your items to fit correctly and spaciously.


Rsvp Invitations



Give the guests all the details right on the invitations, including:


  • Date


  • Start and closing times (people need to return home, give them the specific time so they can plan their night)


  • Theme or Christmas theme


  • Dress Code -ensure your visitors know how to dress (formal or casual).


  • Venue Address -you’d be astounded how many hosts gave this information incorrectly.


  • Format of the event


  • Food and menu choices


  • Rsvp (have a deadline)


Food and Drinks

champagne bottles


The quality of food and drinks you’ll serve at your Christmas occasion and how you present it is always a great discussion at a table. Most people come to a party for delicious food and drinks. Thus, even the drunk guest will recall how positive or negative the food was before blacking out. Likewise, remember, in the world of Facebook and Pinterest, practically all that you serve up at a Christmas party will go up online with hashtags.



  • Will you use your catering company or will you use the venue catering? It can entice to get an outside company to do the catering for many positive reasons. For one, you have more control over the menu.


  • What kind of food would you like to serve? Buffet, dinner three-course meals or appetizers.


  • Eat some food samples! Don’t encourage your visitors to eat food that you haven’t tried.


  • Dietary Requirements–not everyone eats meat and not every person can eat dairy, so ensure you’ve considered everyone’s dietary requirements.


  • Give your visitors an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic merry beverages. These could be Christmas kinds of cocktails, Champagne or wine, it’s up to you. However, ensure you have non-alcoholic drinks for people who don’t drink like juices, sodas, and, sparkle water.


  • How will you serve the beverages? For dinner, you may need bottles of wine at the tables or you may want individuals to get their beverages from the bar.

Music and Entertainment

A few people will want to show some of their dance moves, particularly after a couple of shots of tequila, so you must provide the right music. Start with some Christmas merry melodies to relax your crowd and then put music that allows guests to go down to the dance floor such as the ’70s or ’80s plus the new music of today. Ensure the DJ or band hypes the visitors.


24 Hours Party Rental Theme and Decorations Tips

24 Hours Party Rental designing a Christmas tree

A few people feel that Christmas is the theme. However, regardless if you go the traditional Christmas route or picked something more modern, you will still need to make your venue look incredible. 24 Hours Party Rentals carries the best Christmas decorations and party items to rent, please browse our selections.

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