3 Quick Tips for Renting Tables and Chairs

Weddings and other significant events can benefit from renting tables and chairs, but finding the right and best prices can take time and effort. However, hiring a chair and table expert near you with high-reliability recommendations like 24 Hours Party Rentals can help.

To simplify the process, reading some research on the subject can help. The study should include the number of furniture rentals you need to rent, delivery services, the type and shape of tables and linen rentals to match them, and the event, formal or informal.

1. Table and Chair Rentals Delivery Service

Party Rentals often offer delivery services for table and chair rentals. However, leasing many tables and chairs for events can be challenging to transport, set up, and take down, and moving can be exhausting. So, if the company doesn’t provide delivery services, either plan how you’ll move the tables and chairs or find another Miami party rental company that does. 

Most table and chair rental services charge a transport fee, but the expense might be worthwhile given the less time, labor, and effort saved during the setup. Consider having the tables and chairs delivered to concentrate on the event rather than the setup and cleanup.

2. Rent Many Types of Tables

Drawing up a layout for the event can help the host determine how many tables will be required and what types would fit best in the space. Tables frequently come in many sizes and shapes. The wedding planner should order tables for the caterer, gift table, and any staff needs. 

Determine the number of attendees attending the event to help you decide what size tables to rent. Then, ask the rental provider how many guests can sit comfortably at each size table. For example, you can rent circular, square, and rectangular tables that may fit 4 to 12 guests or put them together to make a larger layout.

3. Rent Chairs and Tables for Indoor or Outdoor Events

chair and table rental indoor supplies

Consider whether the event will be held indoors or outdoors. The table and chair rental provider could suggest specific tables and chairs for certain uses. Some particular table and chair materials are preferable for outdoor events, like rustic farm tables, since they will be more stable on uneven surfaces like grass. In addition, they might be waterproof or water-resistant if lousy weather interferes with the festivities.

Renting chair covers and table linens is another option to think about. Renting table linens can significantly improve the appearance because most tables and chairs are unattractive unless you rent redwood rustic tables.  Rental linens should be the appropriate size for each type of table.

More Chair and Table Rentals Tips

tent rentals for outdoor events

  • Your choice of a rustic, simple, or exquisite table and chair arrangement will depend on your theme.
  • The type of tablecloths or linen rentals you use to cover your table and chair rentals will depend on your theme.
  • Your setting will establish the standards for the chair and table needs.
  • Remember to rent an event tent if you will host an event outside to prevent lousy weather from ruing your big day.

It is best to call a party rental supplier as they provide many chairs and table rental pros.

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  1. Victoria Addington March 24, 2023 at 3:38 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the advice to take into account whether the event will take place indoors or outdoors while renting chairs for it. Some would be far more sturdy in grass or water-resistant, as you mentioned. I’m helping in looking for guest seating for my cousin’s outdoor wedding. I’ll be sure to let her know about this so she can keep that in mind while renting chairs. Gratitude for sharing!

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