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Celebrate your Grandfathers Birthday in a Seniors Party!

In this post I will try to convince you of the importance of doing something extra special, and this is also true for weddings silver and gold and even the birthday of his grandfather. Is not only the number change is also the grandmother birthday, grandma and is worth the effort to make a party that [...]

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Adult Parties in Miami and Broward

Never too late for a good and fun party. If it comes to adults, there are certain details that pay attention to leave us the best party and remain in the memory of all the guests.   Indian steps to take to a party for adults, whether birthdays, anniversaries or bachelor parties. A party for [...]

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Face Painting Promotions

Here in 24 Hours Party Rentals we have the Best Face Painting service for all types of events, such as: Children's Parties, Family Reunions, Corporate Events, Events New Year, Exhibition Openings business, trade shows, conferences, etc. Promotional With the guarantee of our brand of makeup ... and excellence of our makeup artists. Face painting service [...]

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Cheap ways for a fun Birthday with 24 Hours Party Rentals

The fact that children shall conform years commits us parents, in a way, you celebrate them his birthday in an entertaining holiday, which can not always be taken for some kind of reason, either by dates or maybe for money. A very affordable Birthday Party with 24 Hours Party Rentals. Often children do not understand [...]

How to make your Kids Birthday Party!

You're thinking of celebrating a birthday party your child but do not know where to start? Want to do something special and do not know how to organize it? Dont worry 24 Hours Party Rentals shows you the ten basic ideas to make the perfect birthday party your son. Plan an Affordable Birthday Party with [...]

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Chiavari chairs in 24 Hours Party Rentals here in Miami

In 24 Hours Party Rental we recomend Chiavari chair, the perfect icing that will give an elegant look to your event in Miami, betting on quality and versatile material. The Chiavari chairs are ideal for more traditional ceremonies such as beach weddings or large celebrations, both indoors and outdoors. Without forgetting its employment gala dinners [...]

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Red Carpet Sweet 16 in Broward

If you have the idea of a theme party red carpet style for your sweet 16, you know you should radiate elegance and glamor both your dress and decoration. Red Carpet it rithmes with Hollywood, tasteful, elegance, brightness and fun. If you think this is your style and you are a lover of good taste your party [...]

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Play Bubble Soccer in Miami!

Play bubble soccer in Miami!   24 Hours Party Rentals have bubble machines, bubble balls for you to play in your party. Sport and laughter go hand in hand in the new practice imported from Norway, Bubble Soccer. This mode is an innovative way to fight the ball, which shows a fun face sport star [...]

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The perfect Catering Service

The choice of catering service for a special day may at first seem a big problem for someone who has no idea where to start in the process; we present some points if they have in mind will help you find the perfect cake. Miami's most affordable Catering Service.  Contemplate and allocate a budget for [...]

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Making a Surprise Party in Miami and don´t know how to start? Here are some tips for you!

You want to give a surprise party at home for a loved one? Well get to work because this type of celebrations require time, patience and coordination to be kept everything secret. A good tip is to surround yourself with a group capable of secrecy and make the party a real surprise and memorable for [...]