Wedding Rentals Miami Planners Top Nine Pre-Wedding Parties

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Wedding Rentals Miami experts realize getting married isn’t as straightforward as movies make it seem.  Deciding to marry your groom implies you're be doing more than a wedding reception and ceremony. If cash isn’t an impediment to your family and friends, you may celebrate nine unique parties, all meant to celebrate your wedding. While all are [...]

Use our Chocolate Fountain Machine Rental for a Valentine’s Day Party!

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A chocolate fountain machine rental can enhance any upcoming party in February. Yes, the day that every lovebird is waiting for is less than a month away, Valentine's Day! Gifts, flowers, box chocolates, and other classic things you will receive on Valentine's Day or give them to your loved one. Couples like going to restaurants [...]

Find the Right Bounce House Rental in Miami for a Cool Birthday Party

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Throwing a child a bounce house rental in Miami party can be a lot of fun. An old fashion cake party can seem boring and very unexciting. So, if you're searching for a better way to make a fun experience for your child and their friends, then a bounce house rental party is the solution. [...]

Margarita Frozen Machine Rental Miami Improve your Cocktail Party?

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A margarita frozen machine rental Miami can improve your cocktail party by serving your visitor's delicious frozen drinks. Cocktail parties are extraordinary for entertaining friends or business partners, or a mix of the two. Also, extraordinary for open houses or beautiful weddings. For a host, a cocktail party is a helpful way to entertain any [...]

Party Planner Miami Tips for a Memorable Home NYE Party

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Party Planner Miami experts enjoy going to a big New Year’s bash like everyone else. However, what if you host an at-home NYE party instead? Why? There's always a lot of pressure surrounding New Year's Eve party. For one, everyone needs to begin the New Year off right, but you required careful planning well ahead [...]

Party Rental Miami Top New Year’s Party Ideas

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Party Rental Miami top planners acknowledge New Year's Eve is perhaps the greatest celebration of the year for many people. It's an incredible time to get together with friends and family as you say farewell to the old and welcome the New Year. Tossing an incredible New Year's Eve party can help make the celebration [...]

24 Hours Party Rental Expert Christmas Party Planning Hints

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24 Hours Party Rental planners realize arranging a Christmas party can be a frightening experience; because of the fear of making a mess. It's understandable! Trying to please many people including friends, co-workers, and family can be difficult. Everyone wants to make great memories but they have different ideas of what’s fun. And, they will [...]

Event Rentals Miami Expert Tips for a Happy Destination Wedding

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  Our event rentals Miami planners know there's something special about getting hitched far away from the home where your groom proposed. Often, against a scenery of mountains or on the beach somewhere tropical. As ravishing as these areas sound, remember the hard-work that goes into arranging a destination wedding. Remember, there's more to consider [...]

Foam Machine Rental Miami-Essential Tips for a Child Party

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Why not throw your child a foam machine rental Miami party since your kid’s birthday party is coming up! Or, have you figured out where you will put the mobile petting zoo? Are you going to have a magic show and make the magician release a dozen white pigeons? Did you book your kid's preferred [...]

Six Wedding Rentals Miami Absolute Item Needs for your Big Day!

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Wedding Rentals Miami planners love helping couples breathe life into their vision by offering exceptional wedding items, services, and much more. We've provided rentals items for endless weddings and know there are many things you can’t forget on your big day. Arranging a wedding can appear to be overwhelming particularly for first-timers! For example, [...]