Karaoke Machine Rental Party Tips

What's better than throwing your own karaoke machine rental party? The music, the fun, and the enjoyment of being surrounded by your loved ones as they sing the most challenging and popular songs you can imagine. Nothing beats renting a karaoke machine! So, have we convinced you to host your karaoke machine party? Don't [...]

5 Best Party Items to Rent for your Party or Events

The best party items can transform a boring party into something more unique. It’s been a while since I have seen something special at a birthday or event. Often, it is the same thing, cake and a bag of candy at the end of the day, so people don’t get rowdy. However, I also [...]

Hiring a DJ or a Band for Events, Which is better?

Party rentals near me can help when you consider hiring a DJ. Today many party planners and brides search for DJs, bands, singers, and sound system rentals for a wedding or party. Regardless if you're organizing a wedding, a corporate event, or a birthday bash, the music you pick plays a considerable role in [...]

Concession Equipment Rentals Tips

When you need concession equipment rentals for a gathering or other occasions, 24 Hours Party Rentals can help you in the renting process. We also carry different types of concession equipment, for example, hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cone machine rentals for parties or even a fundraiser that needs assistance from delicious [...]

Use our Chocolate Fountain Machine Rental for a Valentine’s Day Party!

A chocolate fountain machine rental can enhance any upcoming party in February. Yes, the day that every lovebird is waiting for is less than a month away, Valentine's Day! Gifts, flowers, box chocolates, and other classic things you will receive on Valentine's Day or give them to your loved one. Couples like going to [...]

Christmas Party Rentals Ideas

Our clients look forward to our Christmas party rentals ideas as December approaches. Christmas is a magnificent time to celebrate with loved ones. However, there's no denying that throwing a holiday party comes with some level of stress. As the host, you may feel a lot of pressure—budgetary, social, and planning. Often, a well-meant [...]

Nine Incredible Types of Tents for Parties

So, you are hosting an outdoor event but require tents for parties. Why have a party outside? Because the best parties are held outdoors nowadays, right? However, you realize that you need something to shield your visitors from the outside elements, but you aren't sure of your options. Well, the best option would be [...]

How To Hire The Right Entertainer?

To hire the right entertainer for your party will depend primarily on you. We enjoy a celebration at Doral, FL, Party Rentals, a piece of cake, and a magic trick that will do wonders for a children's birthday. However, what makes for an excellent children's celebration in today’s world? For example, today, bounce house [...]

Common Types of Event Catering and How To Save Money

Looking for a caterer that will cater to your needs, even if you have a budget? We cover common types of event catering and how to save money. Catering could be overwhelming, particularly for new clients and those who didn’t hire an event planner from Party Rentals near Doral, FL. Whether your business needs [...]

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Types of Chair and Equipment Rentals for Events

Party Rentals Coral Terrace planners realized after reviewing many authentic wedding and event photographs every day; we have decided that your equipment rentals and chairs matter. If you use the chairs from the venue or lease from a party rental, your furniture could break or make your event. The best chairs can be used [...]