Rent Event Tents to Prevent Coronavirus Outbreaks

When our customers rent event tents nowadays, they essentially do two essential things, keep their guests safe from the elements and safe from Covid-19. Event party rental near me, like other businesses, are making significant changes amid COVID-19. With today’s worries about groups and maintaining safe social distancing practices during the pandemic, renting a [...]

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Hire a Florida Wedding Planner to Organize your Engagement Meeting

A Florida wedding planner can help organize your engagement party when you decide to get engaged? The best Miami wedding planner’s experts realize a marriage proposal is a moment some couples want to share with their family and friends. It is the beginning of that journey both of you have chosen to follow together. [...]

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Event Party Rental Company Offers Wedding Planning Services

Welcome back to your Event Party Rental Company blog! So, are you dreaming about your wedding, but the logistical planning it requires is a lot of work? As a wedding is one of the most important life dates, we are sure you want to make it perfect. However, preparations represent a lot of work [...]

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Should You Rent A Event Tent or Buy One Instead?

Often, the question arises, “Should I rent an event tent or buy one” because as a host you see the need for a tent a must for an outside party but it’s not an easy question to answer. Tent rentals near me are perfect devices to protect visitors from the weather elements regardless of [...]

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Top Types of Wedding Chair Rentals

One detail that can affect is the type of wedding chair rentals in Miami you chose for your wedding theme. Event chairs can be categorized into two major types. Those made for indoor occasions are mostly called banquet chairs. These are lightweight, sturdy, four-legged, stackable or folding seat without any armrests used to give [...]

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Things to Know when Hiring the Best Wedding Videographer

Hiring the best wedding videographer from your local party rentals stores near me can go a long way in helping the bride have special moments recorded forever. Most brides regret not having a video to watch or reminisce. Often the bride has blurry pictures taken by their friend the photographer who was busy socializing and [...]

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Wedding Planning Big Don’t for Brides and Planners

Wedding planning isn’t a science, but it’s essential to do it right since a lot is at stake. And our wedding planning services in Miami have you covered. However, a bride often gets advice from many other experts, including mom and sister. Yes, loved ones just want to help and that is ok. Sometimes [...]

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Vital Things You Must Have For An Outdoor Wedding To Be Successful

24 Hours Party Rental would love to discuss weddings since everyone loves wedding planning. Nevertheless, outside weddings bring a tremendous appeal for everyone, including party rentals in Miami planners that ordinary weddings can’t match. Possibly it’s the outside air, the natural scenery or the sunlight. Truthfully, all beautiful outdoor weddings aren’t done by one person [...]

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Why Decide on Chiavari Chairs Rental Options For Your Wedding?

Party Rentals Miami planners know the Miami area is an incredible place to hold an outside wedding and occasions. However, arranging a wedding outdoors can be an upsetting and challenging undertaking. Nevertheless, it very well may be made fun and straightforward by following our party rentals in Miami essential hints. There are numerous items [...]

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Pointers That Will Help You Create an Intimate Wedding

Party Rentals Miami experts knows with regards to wedding festivities; numerous couples agree that size matters. However, fewer individuals can mean a more personal celebration. If you shrink down your wedding to smaller comfortable private size, then that ensures you'll know where your cash goes and allow you to make many fun memories with every [...]

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