How to Make a Dunk Tank Fundraiser a Success while Following Safety Rules?

Are you hosting dunk tank fundraisers? If yes, you must make enough cash to pay off the dunk tank rental in Miami you leased. Furthermore, profit from the dunk tank fundraiser you are attempting to help.

Don’t worry; we can help you with discounts for the dunk tank rental so you can concentrate on entertaining the guests! But first, here are 24 Hours Party Rental tips for guaranteeing your dunk tank rental is successful.

Get Famous People to Volunteer or Hire a Loud Funny Clown

get famous people to volunteer or hire a funny loud clown

The first thing to do is to get famous or well-liked people to volunteer to be dunked. These don’t need to be A+ celebrities. However, they need to be well-known in the community since it is more amusing for individuals to dunk people they know and respect. Since you can’t connect with celebrities, contact community leaders to be submerged for a good cause like a fundraiser.

Hiring a clown could be better if you can’t get a celebrity or well-known individual. I always wanted to hit a clown, but Mom never let me, especially the loud, trash-talking clown at the Youth Fair. However, a funny clown can help improve the atmosphere and ignite people’s passion for dunking a clown while giving money to charity.

Please don’t make it a Carnival Game

What? Most people have never won anything at carnival fairs since most games were too challenging or “rigged.” So check before the fundraiser starts to ensure the game has the right amount of difficulty. It means the game isn’t tough to the point that it feels impossible to win, like winning at a carnival game; however, it is not that simple that the clown or volunteer gets dunked each time someone plays.

Have two lines for grown-ups and kids since children can’t throw that far, making their line much shorter. It will help keep the game fun and energizing and produce suspense when someone tosses a ball and hits the lever.

You get the picture. Any high-profile entertainer in the community is a fantastic option for the dunk tank rental. Likewise, give many ball options to throw at the dunk tank target so individuals can give any amount they are alright with giving. Maybe $1 for one toss or $10 for five tosses.

Offer Consolation Prizes

offer consolation prizes at your funraiser event

At last, make sure that you are putting forth consolation prizes, for example, a bag of candy, chocolates, or something inexpensive for the individual playing many games without accomplishing a dunk. It will help keep the game fun regardless of whether the individual tossing the balls wins. In addition, it will hold individuals who lose or get close to winning returning to play more.

Dunk tanks are an excellent addition to any party or fundraiser, particularly throughout summer. However, you should know that improper setup and not respecting the rules of dunk tank use can result in injuries. You must follow and understand the safety precautions to protect your visitors and volunteers. Below are some tips you must follow after purchasing or leasing your dunk tank.

Install the Dunk Tank in a Safe Location

When installing your new dunk tank, there are some safety measures you’ll have to follow. First, set your dunk tank up on the flat ground. Setting your tank up on an incline or decline could cause your tank to collapse because of the uneven weight distribution of the water inside the tank.

Next, don’t install your tank close to electrical outlets. Putting your dunk tank close to electrical outlets could result in electrocution.

Tell your Dunk Tank Fundraisers Volunteers not to Tense Up and Advise Them to Wear Water Shoes

tell your volunteers not to tense up and advise them to wear water shoes

Before you permit volunteers to enter the dunk tank, ensure they wear appropriate water shoes. The tank’s base can get slippery, which could cause severe injuries. Water shoes give footing, enabling your volunteers to walk in the tank without slipping.

It is a significant shock when someone hits the bullseye, so before your volunteer enters the tank, you’ll have to explain the best possible method for dropping into the water when the seat collapses. Firstly, they’ll need their feet and arms in front since it will keep their arms and legs from getting caught in the chair as it collapses.

Lastly, they must loosen up their muscles as the seat collapses since relaxing muscles enable them to drop safely into the water.

Check for Medical Conditions

check for medical conditions

Usually, dunk tanks are safe for most people; however, they shouldn’t be used by individuals with existing medical conditions. Check out these medical conditions that must be restricted from the dunk tank.

  • Back issues
  • Neck issues
  • Pregnancy

Since the seat drops rapidly, dunk tanks can cause injuries to individuals experiencing these ailments. However, if you follow the dunk tank guidelines, you will have a successful dunk tank fundraiser.

How much does Dunk Tank Rental in Miami, FL, Cost?

Usually, the average daily rental rate for a dunk tank ranges from $150-$250. The cost of your dunk tank rental will depend on location and how far the party rental company needs to go to deliver and pick up the equipment. A few companies offer more affordable half-day rentals.

Whether hosting a carnival game-filled gathering as a school event, a pledge fundraiser like the above, or a corporate event, a dunk tank offers retro entertainment for visitors, particularly when you throw the occasion outside on a warm, sunny day.

Before renting a dunk tank, ask the Miami party rental company how you would pay for this great game at your next gathering. Don’t worry; often they can provide a discount or more time.

Dunk Tank Supplies

Most party rental companies will provide some softballs with the dunk tank rental. If you need more balls, ask your party rental for extras. The balls might be free if you tell them they’re for charity or pay a small fee.

Unlike bounce houses and inflatables, dunk tank rentals don’t need electricity. The party rental company usually provides hoses to draw the water and fill the tank. However, you will require access to water close to the setup area to fill the tank.  You don’t want to run around looking for water from a faucet.

The fill can take 1 hour to 90 minutes, so book your dunk tank rental to show up early before your event begins.

Where to Rent Dunk Tanks?

how to make a dunk tank fundraiser a success

Party Rental Company, like 24 Hours, is experienced in dunk tank rentals, water slides, bounce houses, and other entertainment that people use for charities and fundraisers.

Before making your choice, look at all your rental choices. Dunk tank rentals Miami FL are straightforward to set up, simple to run, and provide a lot of fun to people that want to help a cause.

Is Renting a Dunk Tank Profitable for Events? 

This is a question that many entrepreneurs and event organizers may ask themselves when considering renting a dunk tank. A dunk tank is a device that consists of a large tank of water, a seat suspended above it, and a target that triggers the seat to drop when hit by a ball or other object. The aim is to dunk the person sitting on the seat, usually for entertainment or fundraising purposes.

Factors to Consider For a Succesful Dunk Tank Rental Event

Several factors affect the profitability of a dunk tank, such as the initial cost, the maintenance cost, the operating cost, the demand, the price, and the competition. The initial cost depends on whether the dunk tank is purchased or rented and how much it costs to transport and set up. The maintenance cost includes cleaning, repairing, and replacing the tank, the seat, and the target.

The operating cost covers the water supply, the electricity, the staff, and the insurance. The demand depends on the popularity of the dunk tank among potential customers, such as schools, churches, festivals, carnivals, fairs, or parties. The price depends on how much customers are willing to pay to dunk someone or be dunked. The competition depends on how many other dunk tanks or similar attractions are available in the same area or market.

How to Calculate the Profitability of Renting a Dunk Tank?


To calculate the profitability of a dunk tank, one needs to estimate the revenue and the expenses over a given time, such as a day, a week, a month, or a year. The revenue is the product of the number of customers and the average price per customer. The expenses are the sum of all the costs mentioned above. The profit is the difference between the revenue and the expenses. A positive profit means the dunk tank is profitable, while a negative profit is not.

A simple example can illustrate this calculation. Suppose a dunk tank costs $500 to rent the entire day, $50 to transport and set up $20 to clean and repair, $30 to operate, and $10 to insure. The total expenses for a day are $610. Suppose the dunk tank attracts 200 customers who pay $5 each to dunk someone or be dunked. The total revenue for a day is $1000. The profit for a day is $390 ($1000 – $610). This means that the dunk tank is profitable for that day.

Of course, this example is based on hypothetical numbers and assumptions that may not reflect reality. The actual profitability of a dunk tank may vary depending on many factors and circumstances. Remember, a new dunk tank costs $4200, so renting sounds much better. Therefore, it is advisable to do thorough research and analysis before investing in or renting a dunk tank.

Safety Tips for Dunk Tank Rentals 

You know how fun it is to see someone fall and get wet in a dunk tank rental at a celebration like a fundraiser, carnival, or other events like significant birthday parties. 

Yet, before you go to your next party that includes a dunk tank—or before you throw your dunk tank rentals party—it’s essential to know some safety tips. These countermeasures can help make the dunk tank experience as smooth as possible for you and your visitors. 

Setting up the Dunk Tank 

Fill the dunk tank to the top with water so the individual won’t hit the bottom after getting dunked. Water should be from 6 inches from the top of the tank. 

Ensure the dunk tank’s protective screen is set up right before use. Check the dunk tank for any damages or hazards, for example, bolts or screws that require tightening. I recommend testing the equipment before the occasion starts. 

Safety Tips for Dunk Tank Fundraisers Participants Being Dunked 

  1. The dunked individual should know how the dunk tank seat functions before being dunked. The practice includes how to reset the chair after being submerged. Ask them to sit on the chair facing toward the front and tell them to place their hands on their knees. 
  2. After being dunked, the individual should not bring their head close to the seat.
  3. Volunteers should not enter the dunk tank rental if they can’t swim.
  4. Don’t allow children to be dunked too. 
  5. Any individual who is being dunked should wear water shoes or non-slip sneakers. 
  6. Use the balls that bring the rental dunk tank to hit the trigger. Try not to hit or touch the trigger with your hand.
  7. Don’t throw or tell visitors not to throw sharp objects into the dunk tank. 
  8. Carefully supervise children or drunk visitors close to the dunk tank. 

Other Dunk Tank Rentals Safety Tips 

  • Keep the space by the dunk tank ladder clear consistently to allow emergency or other personnel to enter the tank if an injury or mishap happens. 
  • Do not use a dunk tank rental in nasty weather like lightning and high winds. 
  • Keep away any electrical devices from the dunk tank and its draining area. 

If you’re comfortable with the excellent safety recommendations above, you’re prepared to make some incredible memories at your event! If you are interested in throwing your dunk tank fundraiser party, contact 24 Hours Party Rentals. 

We will travel to your occasion area to take measurements and offer the estimated dunk tank rental cost. We can also deliver and install all other Miami party rental equipment, like chairs and tables, plus rent a tent for outside events. After your occasion, you can depend on us to bring down the equipment.

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