Six Wedding Rental Equipment Needed for your Big Day!

Wedding Rentals Miami planners love helping couples breathe life into their vision by offering exceptional wedding items, services, and much more. We’ve provided rental items for endless weddings and know there are many things you can’t forget on your big day. Arranging a wedding can appear to be overwhelming, particularly for first-timers! For example, you have to consider many things while picking a site, theme, catering, and the particular look of your reception.

It isn’t easy to control everything you’ll require for your big day. Many will contract event rentals Miami organizers and on-day coordinators, but often everyone is still frightful they will forget something. Many experts have made a generic list. However, we have assembled a list of the top 7 must-have wedding rentals items you can’t forget.

1. Tent Rentals perfect for Outside Weddings


Often, you’ve likely had friends, family members, and even planners ask you on various occasions, “do you have a Plan B”? Why? When you host an indoor wedding, this may not apply to you. However, if you’re arranging an outside wedding, you know the significance of having a Plan B or tent if the climate turns sour.

Besides giving refuge from the sun or an occasional downpour, tents can add ambiance to your wedding event. Tents are a blank canvas for individuals to bring their vision to life at their wedding. You can also customize tents with lighting, decorations, and tent accessories.

When couples get hitched outside in the sweltering heat of summer, you may likewise need to consider tent fans. You could get tent walls and add air conditioning to ensure visitors stay cool, comfortable, and happy.

2. Tables/Chair Rentals for Events and Weddings

chairs rentals Miami white Chiavari chairs

When serving food to your guests, you must have somewhere for visitors to put their meals and drinks while they socialize. Measuring your arranged space and having the guest count beforehand will enable you to decide on the shape, amount, and size of the tables.

Tables come in many sizes, for example, circular, square, and rectangular. You can also lease chairs from many styles and materials, such as wooden, steel, wood resin seats, and even classic Chiavari chairs. Also, chair rentals arrive in various colors, for instance, white, silver, black, mahogany, champagne, and gold. Lease more chairs than you’ll require, so there’s room for error—that couple who forgot to Rsvp!

3. Concession Machine Rentals

Slushies on a hot day or the smell of popcorn floating through a wedding is a hit with everyone. Guests love snacks, so why not give them something to nibble on during your wedding? Making snacks accessible to your visitors will ensure they stay happy and full while they wait for the gathering to begin. If you’re looking for something that will take your wedding to the next level, then a Chocolate machine can do this and leave memories of happy guests.

4. Dance floor rentals

Do you have an outside reception? Then, you can’t let your visitors’ in high heels sink into the grass or break their legs while dancing on the not-so-hard ground. However, a sturdy dance floor will make your space easier to dance on and more comfortable. Also, the dance floor is essential for the couple’s first song to dance. Invest in a mahogany dance floor and watch it transform your setting.

5. Centerpieces for Weddings

pink and white roses centerpiece on top of table

Many individuals may make their centerpieces. But consider leasing them as you typically save more cash than making them yourself. You can purchase table centerpieces in many styles, from candelabras to photo frames and wooden table numbers. Centerpieces start as low as $10, and I am certain you could breathe better by renting these items on the big day.

6. Linen and Chair Covers

With linens so cheap to lease, don’t leave your tables uncovered! Wedding linens can genuinely change any setting. Linens come in many styles, colors, and fabrics, like Damask and Brocade.

So everyone has gone to occasions where the seats weren’t appealing or lacked appearance. Don’t worry; rent seat covers and transform the chairs to match your theme. Seat covers are an extraordinary method to mark where the couple will sit. Include covers, bows, and Mr. and Mrs. signs to distinguish the bride and groom table.

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