Tent Rentals in Miami Top Tent Styles for your Outside Wedding

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Tent Rentals in Miami Top Tent Styles for your Outside Wedding

Tent rentals in Miami are essential for brides who are planning an outside wedding. It’s likewise extraordinary to find inspiration from websites like Pinterest or Facebook, and all the weddings you have attended. However, don’t get caught up in another person’s vision that you forget your own needs and style. The wedding tent is the main visual that your visitors will have of your wedding while they park their car or come by taxi. Therefore, ensure that you match the perfect wedding tent that reflects your style and your personality.

A tent isn’t only a tent, particularly for a wedding. When you imagine a huge tall white wedding tent, we all picture something different. You may even come to 24 Hours Party Rentals in Miami with a particular vision for your wedding tent, just to find there are many options available that you didn’t think existed. Let’s see how the right tent can match your style.


Century Pole Tent

Traditional white pole tent

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For the couple that is royal and elegant and wants something extravagant, the features of the Century Pole Tent will fit your style impeccably. The high pinnacles and sensational swooping curves will give you the elegance you want, just as space you require for all of your royal subjects.


Sailcloth wedding tent

When your style is upscale and sophisticated and you like things that are magnificent and extravagant, then the Sailcloth wedding tent can match your style. The draped sailcloth will complement and lift the charm and lavish characteristics of your wedding.

Moreover, it isn’t only a white canvas to frame your wedding; it is an art that will impress your visitors from the minute they show up.


Classic frame tent

Classic frame tent

For a timeless and romantic look, then pick the classic frame tent. This tent is for the couple that isn’t searching for a great deal of pop and would like a more minimalistic and modern-day tent style to frame the wedding.

The classic tent is unsupported with no center pole, maximizing the space below and leaving a lot of space for the couple to add their special decorations.


Practical and luxurious wedding


Nobody likes to think about their wedding tent as being practical. However, you’re the couple that likes to combine practical elements with high-end fashion, then the Navi-Trac Tent is the ideal answer for your wedding requirement.

The Navi-Trac tent looks extravagant, refined, and remarkable yet features practical elements that you require for an outdoor wedding in Miami. The Navi-Trac wedding tent brings an optional tent liner that will make it completely weatherproof while keeping up an extraordinary indoor climate.


 Pop-up tent for a casual wedding

Tent rentals in Miami styles

If you’re searching for comfortable and clean tents to cover certain parts of your outside wedding, look at getting a couple of pop-up tents. The white fabric will make them mix in with any wedding style, and act as a useful element to give a bit of shade to your guests.

If your style is a casual garden-style wedding and you want to leave some space open and free, then you can rent pop-up tents to give some shade where needed, for example, the bar area, or any place that has food.


Festival style wedding

If you need your wedding to be a significant occasion with spectacle and many elements, the festival-style tent will address all of your concerns hastily. The high pinnacle adds class and a stunning visual while the design and structure of the tent give you the most space below to make your festival style wedding.

The festival tent has space for a staging area, dance floor, bar, seating area, and a relaxation area. Besides space for your perfectly designed wedding tables for the reception. This tent is ideal for the couple who wants it all and isn’t hesitant to go all out.

Tent extras

tent rentals Miami accessories

Whatever your style, each tent has options to be arranged to match your needs and decorated to match your style. Many tents bring optionally fitted tent liners that are both practical and pretty. Walls and windows can add shade to keep your visitors comfortable, happy and safe. However, the accessories you pick can enhance the character of your wedding tent a lot.

Decorate your tent with drapery to conceal the frame, or add a clear top or walls to see the sky and the scenery. Plus, you can add air conditioners or heating depending on the temperatures to keep your guest comfortable with whatever Mother Nature throws. Remember, tent safety comes always first, for example, use ty downs and cement blocks when the surface requires it.

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