The Ideal Birthday Party Rental Packages for an Inexpensive Party

Birthday party rental packages help a host throw a party within a low budget.  Everyone knows arranging a gathering isn’t a simple assignment or inexpensive. However, to improve the party planning process, the party specialists at 24 Hours Party Rentals Miami will show you an inexpensive party package that is ideal for you to reference when choosing your party supplies.

Remember, no two parties are the same, so your celebration probably won’t require everything listed below. However, this party list will help guide you through the procedure to simplify party arranging. Regarding party planning making a list of supplies is the ideal place to begin. So let’s look at our Party Rentals in Miami, FL, a checklist to better your birthday party or other celebration.


Invites are a significant part of the party planning process. However, send your invites ahead of time, so your visitors can save the date. Your invitations must include the date, time, location, and a way to RSVP. Also, include some other special info your visitors need to know, like if your party is a sleepover or surprise. For example, by including a date to RSVP, you can accommodate all your party visitors.

Tent Party Rentals


Do you know why people need a backup plan for an outside occasion? Because the weather is unpredictable, causing much rain and hot or humid temperatures. That’s why your backup comes in a party tent. No host wants their guest’s heat stroked or wet during a party, so their best bet is to rent a tent.

These canopies will keep your guests happy while enjoying socializing and giving you the peace of mind you hope for when you send invitations. Remember to stake or anchor your tent, particularly when it’s too windy.

Tables and Chairs

fine dining chairs and tables

Have you ever gone to a party and had to stand while you ate? Yes, it’s an awful experience, but people miscalculate the chairs and tables count because often visitors bring a plus one. Don’t worry; with our party packages, you won’t have any guests standing. Instead, you could rent cheap plastic folding chairs or better quality folding wood beside the Chiavari chairs that work best for weddings.

Tables also need attention since people need somewhere to eat to choose from plastic to wood models. Finally, don’t stress about the prices; you can rent some chair models for under 2 dollars.


The menu is a significant part of any gathering. Of course, not every party needs a formal dinner to feed the visitors. However, it’s critical to invitees, particularly if you booked the gathering around lunch or dinner time. So it’s never too soon to start your party menu. Then, after having your final headcount, you can accommodate everyone on the day or night of your gathering.

Remember that some of your visitors may have dietary restrictions. Serving many foods, snacks, and beverages is an incredible method to keep your visitors full and cheerful. Plan your menu to have any mix of:

  • Cake
  • Beverages, sodas/ice
  • Meals for a full dinner (Pizza, hot dogs, and chicken wings.)
  • Ice cream
  • Snacks (Chips with dip, Pretzels, and candy)


silverware plates fork spoon knife

Before the visitors show up, get your supplies ready. Regardless of what you’re serving at your party, you will require some flatware to accommodate your visitors. When your RSVP date has passed and you know the final headcount for your celebration, you can buy all the plates, cups, and cutlery you need.

If you’re throwing a significant party for over 50 visitors, rent the flatware instead. Always lease more items, such as plates and glasses, for any unexpected visitors or setbacks during your gathering. A few examples of flatware you’ll require for your party are:

  • Refreshments, drinks, and luncheon/dinner napkins
  • Cake and Dinner Plates
  • Cups
  • Cutlery (Spoons, Forks, Knives)
  • Tablecloths

Consider these Factors When Renting Birthday Party Rental Packages

Miami party rental packages 5

When people throw a huge party, they need to lease party supplies from the correct party rental company. Although there are many party rental companies today that you can lease from, no two are the same. So before deciding on the company that you will lease the party packages near me, you should take as much time as to research the company.

  • An excellent guideline is to ensure that the business is reputable and has a lot of experience.
  • Also, ensure the party rental company stocks top-notch items and they look clean.
  • To have significant serenity, consider contacting past clients and getting some information about their experience with the company.
  • Read Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and trusted site reviews.
  • Or just Google search the “company name” and add “reviews.”

Ask to see the Birthday Party Packages and Supplies

This is significant when you lease tent rentals Miami, dance floors, chairs, and tables. When is the first time you are leasing the tents or do you want the tent installed in an unknown area? Consider asking the party rental company first to visit the site.

Thus, they will tell you the specific tent size you should purchase. If the party rentals company has various designs, you can pick a design that looks the best for your gathering and can be installed on your chosen floor. For supplies such as tents, chairs and tables, bounce house, and concession machine rentals, then consider 24 Hours Party Rental for all the supplies. We have the best Party Rental Packages.

Pay Attention to the Terms and Conditions

24 hours party rental packages #5

Various party rental companies have distinctive terms and conditions. For instance, some companies will expect you to clean the tables and chair rentals after use, while others won’t have an issue returning them dirty but maybe charge a fee.

A few companies will charge you a fee if you cancel the event order, while others will refund everything. So, do you want no new surprises? Consider reading the terms and conditions carefully or ask the party rental company to explain them to you in detail. Work with a company you can trust and agree to the terms and conditions.


Consider all the above tips when leasing party supplies from the local party rental company. Also, remember that most reputable companies have their items reserved weeks or months ahead. So, if you want great birthday party rental packages, think about reserving the spot early.

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