Why Rent Event Rental Items Instead of Buying?

Should you rent event rental items instead of buying them for a party or a classy event like a wedding. Any individual who has ever thrown or hosted a gathering can confirm that parties and weddings are costly. So most event rentals near me will also have to stay within the budget. 

Therefore, I think it is good to rent party supplies, but some people believe purchasing the items is better. So, let’s find out if buying the items is worth the extra cost.

Renting party items was once viewed as a cost-effective option for saving money on costs. Usually, things like furnishings and decorations have high retail prices. However, that thought is being questioned in a time of Alibaba and Amazon, and complimentary transportation permits you to sell and buy stuff cheaply. 

Depending on the article, the cost can go up or down in renting versus purchasing items, so I’ll zero in on some things to consider before selecting a party rental company for your occasion. 


1) Professionals Setup the Event Rental Items

Event Rental Company

Picture this story on your monumental occasion. After taking a cold or hot shower, you are now playing through the hours of self-prep, dinner prep, venue preparation, vendor calls, and many other things you have on your long checklist. 

Are you ready to unfold 200 chairs and a few dozen tables? Do you want to stake an event tent in the middle of the afternoon? However, you can ask friends to help, but will they know exactly how to connect the tent lighting and sidewalls and use the correct ty-downs? 

Event and party rental companies include the setup by renting things like the tent and offering it for free or for a small fee. A professional setup tent looks a lot different than friends who want to finish quickly to start the party.

2) Event Rental Company Pick Up the Items

One important note, event rental companies won’t mop your floor at the night’s end or help you clean. But, regardless of whether it’s the same day or the next, they will fold and pick up the 200 seats in addition to tables, a dance floor, and a tent into the same lovely empty yard without you making the slightest effort. 

No one wants to move heavy furnishings, decorations, and a tent once the party is over since all you want to do is sit. So, sit and allow professionals to pick up everything without doing anything!

3) Where will you Store All of the Event Items 

When you purchase things, you own them during the occasion and after the party. So before the event, you’ll have to store things somewhere where they will not get stomped on by people. Plus, you don’t want those items to melt because of heat, and you’ll want to place them somewhere secure enough that they will not get lost or taken. 

I will not recommend using the basement, carport, and backyard to store items. So, it makes one wonder: what other place can you stash these often oversized party items? 

After the occasion, a few people think they will not need storage since they plan to resell the party items. However, it isn’t very likely to happen, especially after your occasion. And what price will you sell the items, and what money losses can you incur.

4) Cost of Renting Supplies to Buying

White table and chair rentals

The idea of purchasing instead of renting party items isn’t that purchasing vintage things will be less expensive than leasing. Instead, you can buy and also own it after your occasion. The issue is that you’ll probably need to sacrifice quality if you want to remain in a similar ballpark as the rental expense. 

Assuming you wouldn’t fret about plastic tableware, affordable linens, decor, or cheap chairs, buying may be a reasonable choice. However, if you’re focusing on a complete wedding experience and a dazzling stylish look, you will not find a vintage couch or Chinaware for buying anywhere close to the expense of their wedding cost

5) Event Rentals have a Built-in Planner 

Party rental vendors may not assist you with picking your theme invites or recommend the DJ to play better music. Yet, they bring excellent event planning information that won’t cost you a dime. Rental vendors have helped host throw hundreds of occasions. 

They can advise precisely the party items you need, where you should put them, and how you save on their Miami party specials. Their knowledge goes from creative designing to having the best available supplies and services an event may need. Nothing can beat that!

6) Save yourself the Stress and Consider Renting Event Items

The decision to lease or purchase party items can be difficult, but renting party items can save you a ton of money and stress. Between the setup, talking to vendors, meal prep, and trying to decorate, plus much more, looking for things to purchase for your gathering can be a headache. 

Trying to find someone who wants to buy used items that will lose value seems like a stretch. Renting party items not just frees you up for many other possibilities that probably won’t fit everyone’s budget but also saves you from the extreme stress of ownership.

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  1. Amy Saunders October 26, 2022 at 2:45 pm - Reply

    OMG, what a brilliant article! My daughter is in the middle of preparing a small surprise party for her boyfriend’s birthday this weekend anyway. Hence, I was so happy when you informed us that renting event equipment is obviously a more budget-friendly option if we’d like to save lots of money since we’ll be only using them for a short amount of time. Alright then, she should notice this trick when reaching out to a party planner for further discussions later.

  2. Ava Murphy November 10, 2022 at 6:16 pm - Reply

    The best part of your blog for me is when you said that you can save yourself from stress, you must consider renting party items. My husband and I are planning to celebrate our son’s 7th birthday party next month. We do not have a lot of tables and chairs that can accommodate at least 50 party guests, so your tips are helpful.

  3. Lighting rental November 25, 2022 at 10:22 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing this. The way you describe all the things are really great because it is good for others in learning things about event rental items.

  4. Dana Hue December 29, 2022 at 7:01 pm - Reply

    It sure was nice that you said that a tent that is professionally installed looks a lot different, and you can expect your setup to be done for free. My husband and I are planning to hold a party to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary next month. We want to make sure that there will be tents and tables for the party without the need for us to spend a lot, so it will make sense for us to consider renting.

  5. Charlotte Fleet January 9, 2023 at 10:13 pm - Reply

    I liked learning that professional event rental services handle the pickup process after your party so you relax. My younger sister’s wedding is at the end of next month. She and her fiance still need to find the best seating options for the reception, so I’ll suggest that they choose an event hire company to make the whole event easier.

  6. Lily Bridgers January 25, 2023 at 4:59 am - Reply

    Knowing that you may anticipate having your setup completed for free and that a professionally built tent looks very different was really pleasing to hear. Next month, my husband and I want to throw a party to commemorate our tenth wedding anniversary. Party decor rentals make sense since we want to make sure that we have tents and tables for the party without having to pay a lot of money.

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