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Any questions?

If you don’t see a question you need the answer to, give us a call at 786.282.5061 and we’ll get it sorted out.

Overall, between 8 and 10 children can play safely at the same time. Inflatable games come in various sizes and the number of children who can play at one time varies greatly depending on the age groups of children to use.

The price is based on a number of factors. Call us today or send us an email with your party date, time of your event and what place we will deliver. Then we can provide accurate pricing information.

We do not deliver in the rain due to safety concerns. The inflatable game becomes very wet and slippery. There is no cost to you for any reservation canceled due to bad weather. if it rains during your event, and with the game installed is recommended that you stop using during rain for reasons of safety precautions, may be dried and then use it again.

Yes. We have some units that actually fit in a garage for 2 cars. These smaller units are designed for children 6 and younger. You can also set the larger units anywhere in that capacity for the height. We can provide any unit dimensions may be interested.

Please email us with your request party date, time and place or you can call directly to 3053004940 , 7864262753 or come to visit in our office in 5560 Nw 84 Ave, Doral Fl 33166 happy to provide guidance for planning events of all sized parties.

No. You can pay with cash the day of the party. We accept the payment, but not necessary.

We suggest 4-6 weeks before the expected date for a better selection. We are always willing to try to accommodate or last minute reservations. Because we have a large number of units. We want your party to be incredible please make your request as soon as possible date.

Generally speaking ages 2-12 years for standard sizes. Some of the larger units may not be suitable for children under four years. WATCH required by an adult during the entire duration of the event for safety of participants. Also please note that we have inflatables for adults.

We deliver to all areas in Miami, Broward, and West Palm Beach at no additional price. We would love to get to where you are so give us a call today or email us for delivery to your area.

Since the units vary in size, please check the size in the list of the game you want and then add 1 meter and a half its width and 7 meters in length. If you can imagine two cars parked in your location settings, chances are you have sufficient space. Most yards entry, 2 car can accommodate a unit of 15 x 15 foot. If you have a long patio, possibly some of the biggest units fit well. Do not forget your distance to the ceiling! You will need an area free of trees, telephone or electricity cables, etc.

A measure of a standard door of 1.20 meters. is fine. Rolled and bring the unit in a standard hand truck (devil). Large or giant inflatable units may require up to 2.5 meters.

We can put it on the grass, dry grass, concrete or asphalt. In any case we have placed on dirt or muddy terrain.

Yes. We will bring an extension cord 25 feet, 50 feet or more if necessary, with us so you need a standard outlet of 110 V, near the area of creation. The fan runs continuously and uses about 7 pesos of electricity per hour.

Rental periods are 5 hours. You decide on the specific time of rent (in our hours of operation) and will be there from 15 minutes to three hours before your event . If you want more hours call to have more information, and schedule your time well. The collection of the game are based on the number of hours that are rented. If an exact pickup time is crucial, just let us know.

Our holiday schedule usually between 8 am and 10 pm. Special times are sometimes possible, contact us for more information.

Usually it lasts about 15 minutes.

By company policies, the inflatable game could Stay overnight at your event if it is a safe area inside a home or inside fence. 24 Hours Party Rental reserves the right to refuse any case of this service. 24 Hours Party Rental also reserves the right to cancel the rental unit or any team at any time if we have reason to believe that our property is at risk of damage or theft.