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Rent Mechanical Rides in both Miami and Broward

List of currently available mechanical rides.

  • Mechanical Bull
  • Mechanical Chili (pictured below)
  • Bungee Trampoline
  • Climbing Wall
  • Dunk Tanks Rentals

  • mechanical chili
    Mechanical Chili
24 Hours Party Rental offers Mechanical Ride rentals at an affordable rate. Call us at 786.282.5061 to see which ones we currently have in stock.

There are plenty of companies that offer rentals for these services but they do not guarantee the security that is the most important for guests to enjoy the best party.  All our mechanical rides have security guarantee for the birthday party according to your budget, preferences and also your requirements.

mechanical rides bull

Mechanical Bull Safety

Often, mechanical bull rides are the life of the party or at least the entertainment. Nothing is more entertaining than viewing your companions get thrown off, pretty ladies on the slow ride, and holding for more than 8 seconds. Regrettably, your beautiful night could be ruined without proper safety precautions.

It’s essential to remember that even though you aren’t riding a real bull in a rodeo, you’re still on a powerful machine used to train expert bull riders. Mechanical bulls are powerful and pack a punch, and the site, the bull operator, and mechanical bull riders should be on point and responsible when setting up the riding the bull.

Mechanical rides