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Dunk Tank Collection

Dunk Tank

dunk tanks rentals with target

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  • Easy to Install
  • Includes Both Target and Dunk Tank

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Dunk Tanks

Dunk tanks rentals

Dunk Tanks Rentals for Parties and Events

Your favorite person (a parent, teacher, director of the school, or even a clown) is sitting there waiting to be submerged, but who’s ready to throw?

People love traditional dunk tanks, whether it’s for a school, university, or social event. It is thrilling to see someone fall into a pool in a moment’s instant.

This fun attraction also generates high income in fairs, special events, festivals, July 4 and Canada day celebrations, music festivals, works picnics, funfairs, school, fundraising events, business promotions, and much more! Charge $1 a throw or $5 for 3 throws. It can add an interesting wrinkle to your event.

Dunk tanks rentals are easy to install by an adult. They are easy to maintain and easy to operate. And if you have any doubts, our specialists will help you with the installation process.