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dunk tanks rentals with target

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  • Easy to Install
  • Includes Both Target and Dunk Tank

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Dunk Tanks for Rent

Dunk tanks rentals

Dunk Tanks Miami

Dunk tanks rentals

Dunk Tanks Rentals for Parties and Events in Doral

Your favorite person (a parent, teacher, director of the school, or even a clown) is sitting there waiting to be submerged, but who’s ready to throw the balls to the dunk tank rentals?

People love traditional dunk tanks, whether for a school, university, or social event. It is thrilling to see someone fall into a pool in a moment’s instant.

This fun attraction also generates high income in fairs, special events, festivals, July 4 and Canada day celebrations, music festivals, works picnics, funfairs, school, fundraising events, business promotions, and much more! Charge $2 a throw or $5 for 3 throws. It can add an interesting wrinkle to your event.

Dunk tank rentals are easy to install by an adult. They are easy to maintain and easy to operate. And if you have any doubts, our specialists will help you with the installation process.

Rent a Dunk Tank in Miami, FL from Us

You’re prepared to have a blast at your party, carnival, or fundraiser, contact the experienced staff at 24 Hours Party Rentals to make plans to rent dunk tanks in Miami. Our qualified crew takes great pride in providing our clients with the newest, cleanest, and best equipment.

9 Dunk Tank Rentals Near Me Safety Tips

  1. Water shoes or non-slip shoes should be worn by anyone getting dunked.
  2. Anyone considering participating in the dunk tank but unable to swim should not sit in the seat, including children.
  3. Only use the manufacturer’s balls with the rental dunk tank to hit the trigger. 
  4. Don’t put your hand on the trigger or otherwise touch it. 
  5. Avoid throwing anything into the dunk tanks rentals, especially anything sharp.
  6. Supervise children and intoxicated visitors near the dunk tank.
  7. Keep the area around the ladder free so that someone else can enter the tank in the event of an injury or accident.
  8. Don’t use a dunk tank in lousy weather.
  9. The dunk tank and drainage area should be free of electrical equipment or devices.
dunk tank rentals Miami near me