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Tent Rental Miami Collection

10×10 Tents

10x10 tent rental Miami

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10×20 Tents

10x20 tent rental Miami FL

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15×15 Tents

15x15 tent rental Miami

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15×30 Tents

15x30 tents for party and event

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20×20 Tents

20x20 tents

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 Tent Size
 Seating Capacity (54 in. tables)
Seating Capacity (60 in. tables)
10′ x 10′
 13 people
 20 people
 10′ x 20′
 26 people
 30 people
 15′ x 15′
 26 people
 30 people
 20′ x 20′
 32 people
 40 people
 20′ x 30′
 40 people
 50 people
 20′ x 40′
 56 people
 70 people
 30′ x 30′
 56 people
 66 people
 30′ x 45′
 80 people
 100 people
 30′ x 60′
 104 people
 128 people
 40′ x 60′
 146 people
 180 people
 40′ x 80′
 202 people
 250 people
 40′ x 100′
 250 people
 310 people

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At 24 Hours Party Rental, we rent tents with detachable structures.

Installation of fixed tents and custom designs to customer needs. Tailor-made tents for all kinds of events and any outdoor application.

Why should you rent our tent rental in Miami?


All assembly and disassembly of rented spaces are made in minimal time.


We offer a variety of our tents for hire and can perform any action assemblies and modulate until they cover any space.


We guarantee the perfect state of all rental equipment. To do this, we constantly renew our rental fleet, offering all folding tents we use in assemblies with a maximum of 3 applications.


In all our assemblies, tent rental guarantees safety by studying each assembly’s peculiarities and including means to secure the attachment of all the tents.
We also include insurance of civil responsibility in all our productions.

Tent Rental Miami is ECONOMICAL to Rent

The speed of assembly and easy transportation of the tents allows us to offer competitive prices. Request our rental rates.

Our company is committed to designing and creating personal environments, and our tents suit every need. We have a wide range of tents and living in organizing any event, creating new spaces with comfort and convenience furniture with modern designs. They invite a relaxed and comfortable environment at any event.

Models offer different possibilities of assembly and adaptability, both indoors and outdoors. Through the colors, we adapt to different styles and ideas, such as furniture in white and black or attending business and social events

Tent Rentals Miami FL Best Recommendations

Some recommended uses for our tent rental near Miami include:


We have a wide range of structures to rent tents suitable for all needs, ideal for special events like wedding exhibitions, parties, etc. Tents rentals in Miami offer the most resistant market in materials, manufacturing, and assembly structure, guaranteeing high safety.

The use of tents for events is a good choice because it is an exquisite structure that allows the decoration you want. We also offer services, heating, lighting, and (removable wooden floor) to our tents for rent. The price varies with the tent’s size, the operating cost, and the number of days to rent from, and the price does not vary uniformly to the number of days to rent, two or three days of hire do not cost twice as much as a day rental. The tents were mounted one or two days before the event date.

What kind of materials do we use for our tents:

  • Canvas tents – The material we use is the best in the industry of tents and awnings. We provide a material benefit to the user, even though we pay more for our materials. High-quality materials generate more durable tents.
  • Structure – Aluminum tubes 2 inches are used in building the structure. Aluminum pipe 2 inches provides much more stability and wind resistance without these being bent.
  • Join Unions – All joints are galvanized to prevent fungus. The assembly joints so designed for easy installation.
  • Laptop bags – We provide bags for canvas tent assembly joints, and pins (a total of 3 bags)

We’re always innovating and exploring the best materials to use within the tent rentals and awnings. Our reputation for excellence enables us to guarantee service quality in our tents and tarp’s lifetime warranty on the aluminum structure of high quality and durability.

We rent tents to taste and custom measurements. From design to finish, you will have the event you desire with a unique style. Your tent will look spectacular and will be viewed with great admiration wherever you are.

tent rental Miami

5 Reasons to Rent a Party Tent


If you are planning a party, whether a wedding, a birthday, a graduation, or any other special occasion, you might want to consider renting a party tent. Here are five reasons a tent rental in Miami can make your event more enjoyable and memorable.

  1. A tent provides shelter from the weather. You never know when it might rain, snow, or get too hot or cold. A wedding tent can protect you and your guests from the elements and keep them comfortable throughout the party.
  1. A tent creates a cozy and festive atmosphere. Party tent rentals can be decorated with lights, flowers, balloons, banners, and other accessories to match your theme and style. A canopy can also create a sense of intimacy and exclusivity for your guests, making them feel more special and appreciated.
  1. A party tent rental near me offers flexibility and versatility. You can choose your tent’s size, shape, color, and design to suit your needs and preferences. You can also set up your outdoor tent in any location, whether in your backyard, a park, a beach, or anywhere else.
  1. An event tent saves you time and money. You don’t have to worry about finding and booking a venue, paying for catering, renting tables and chairs, or hiring staff. You can simply rent a white tent and set it up yourself or with the help of your friends and family. You can customize your menu, entertainment, and activities according to your budget and taste.
  1. A canopy rental adds fun and excitement to your party. An outdoor tent can make your party more unique and memorable for you and your guests. You can have fun games, music, dancing, karaoke, photo booths, and other activities inside your clear tent rentals. You can also enjoy the view of the outdoors and the fresh air while staying inside your party tent rental in Doral.

Renting an outdoor tent is a great way to make your party more enjoyable and memorable. Contact us today to learn more about our Miami party rental services and how we can help you plan your perfect party.