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Margarita Frozen Machines Rentals Collection

Single Margarita Machine

single margarita frozen machines rentals

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Double Margarita Machine

double margarita machine

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Questions? Call us at 786.282.5061.

Margarita Frozen Machines Rentals – Affordable Prices for Good Service

Enjoy our delicious frozen cocktails. We use quality spirits, freshly squeezed natural juices, and tropical fruits—no use of preservatives or additives.

We deliver in the comfort of your home or event. Rental choices range from per liter or full bar service and mobile machines. Some of our most popular cocktails include frozen margarita, piña colada, rum runner, strawberry daiquiri, sour mango, passion fruit, sour coke, pisco sour, mojito, caipirinha, apple martini, cosmopolitan, and much more.

We can put together a special package for your event or meeting with our Margarita Frozen Machines.

Depending on the price, it can include the preparation of cocktails, decoration cups, glassware, frozen machinery, trained personnel, and stations.

Possible benefits include:

  • Preparation of Cocktails
  • Fine Glassware Rental, Bars and Machines
  • Bright Decorative Cups
  • Trained staff
  • Home service
  • Custom Service

Give us a call at 786.282.5061, so we can get to mixing!