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Foam Machine Rental Collection

Foam & Bubble Machine

foam machine 9 feet high

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  • Up to 9 inches high
  • Needs structural support of 15 x 20 feet as required
  • Safe for kids – compliant neutral pH

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Foam & Bubble Machine

foam machine pool party

Foam Pit Rentals

foam pit

Foam Pit Rentals

black foam pit on lawn

Foam Pit Rentals

foam pit rental Miami

Foam Party

foam party
  • foam machine rental party

Foam Machine Rental Equipment, Installation, and Set-Up Services For Parties and Events

We provide excellent quality foam machine services to create fun and exciting foam parties. Our foam machine rental is natural and safe. Made from a biodegradable natural protein and soluble in water, it is non-toxic for your skin and the environment.

Bubble Machines Rentals and Set-Up

Bring our bubble machine to impress your guests! Have a soap bubbles disco party and supply the suds for an unforgettable experience for the kids.

Adult Foam Parties

We have a professional service foam party of up to 9 feet high regardless of the type of event for adults. So from birthdays to school field days or even Ibiza, we’ll make sure to help you get slippery!


Kids Foam Parties

Our service foam party is also enjoyed by the youngest. Our product is compliant with neutral pH vegetables and approved for use for the little ones without harm, and has an excellent aroma of coconut. Complement the foam machine with inflatables & a water slide, and watch the bubble bonanza pop off!


What is a Foam Party in Doral?

A foam party in Doral, FL, is as fun as it sounds, a party that includes foam. Trust us; you will have a great time with our foam produced by our super-controlled foam machines and cannon and other unique additional items you won’t find elsewhere!

You will see a mountain of foam as high as 2 meters high and can cover a large area.

Thanks to foam machines and stackable foam, they can make a show no matter where you are located, and it’s age-appropriate for children and adults too!

Kids jump right in and utilize their creative minds to make characters with foam on their heads and bodies as they jump in happiness.

Adults and event managers use foam machine rentals and cannons for themed parties like clubs and dance parties.

Most of us don’t need a reason to throw a foam machine party in the summer, thanks to 24 Hours Party Rentals Miami supplies and delivery services. You can use our foam machine rentals near Doral for events, including:

Birthday events
Summer Parties
Graduation Parties
School Parties
Church Fundraisers
Fairs and Carnivals!

Foam Cannon Machine Rentals-Click on the Image to see the Video Below

foam cannon rental black