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A margarita machine rental can help anyone throw a small or big party, but nothing pulls guests quicker than a cocktail party. Everybody loves a cocktail party – as it lets you get away from problems and enjoy delicious food and, yes, drinks with old buddies. Regardless if you want to throw an enormous, lavish event or a cozy affair, you need many things to ensure your cocktail party is the best occasion you’ve ever thrown.

The significant issue for the host of any cocktail party is that somebody needs to make those drinks! You can get stuck behind the bar if you don’t hire a bartender. Thus, owning or renting a frozen margarita machine can make a big difference. A frozen drink machine rental in Miami can help you make those drinks removing most of the bartending work. It will save you time, allowing mingling and munch with your visitors. I know that is what throwing a party is all about!

Besides automating your beverage making, some Miami party planning near me and prep work can go far towards ensuring everyone makes some extraordinary memories – including you!

Here are our best tips on the best way to plan and host your next frozen margarita machine party:

Margarita Machine Rental

Margarita Machine rental Miami

Yes, a blender makes excellent drinks, right? Wrong! You put everything in the pitcher in a blender and press the button to mix. Everything is mixed at once. Then again, a frozen margarita machine combines an ice shaver and a blender.

Party rentals near me experts know you will change your opinion when renting a margarita machine. These items will make your work less stressful if you’re the bartender or even, dare to say, non-existent.

These machines can undoubtedly make many frozen drinks and not only margaritas. But depending on the device, you can make non-alcoholic slushies, strawberry daiquiris, alcoholic piña coladas, and numerous drinks in your margarita machine rental.

Excellent Glassware for Thirsty Guests

You cannot serve Margaritas without Margarita glasses, and serve cocktails in plastic cups! No chance. Consider all the drinks you will do, including wine, champagne, and martinis. Ensure you have the correct glasses, particularly for each drink.

If you’re throwing a margarita cocktail party, don’t worry about serving many types of drinking glasses. However, if not, don’t stick to plain glasses when you can have elegantly cut champagne flutes, bespoke colored wine goblets, and outstanding quality Riedell glassware. Ensure you have the correct glasses for each drink on your menu, from mojitos to margaritas.

Ice Bucket or Ice Chest for Margarita Machine Rental

Keep plenty of ice within reach for margaritas on the rocks. For frozen margarita machine rentals, you’ll require more ice, so consider putting away a few ice packs in a cooler. Ice buckets or ice chests are perfect for storing ice without possibly melting issues.

Rent the Right Amount of Tables and Chairs

36 inch cocktail table rental

While cocktail occasions are known as standing affairs, you might need a few bar tables for individuals to socialize and rest their beverages. You can also scatter chairs and lounges when visitors need a little rest at night.

A chair rentals Miami company has many chairs and tables available you can lease, from folding and stacking chairs to sofas, cocktail tables, bar stools, recliners, and exquisite tiffany chairs. Nothing will make individuals leave your party more than if they have nowhere to take a break from the dance floor for a few minutes.

Party Lighting


A crucial component of a great cocktail party is lighting. Appropriate lighting sets the mood and creates an atmosphere. Dim lighting causes visitors to feel less conscious and radiates a stylish vibe, so don’t illuminate your party with a thousand bright lights.

Layer your lighting; use a combination of fairy lights, bistro lights, flashing party lights, Foscarini contemporary lights, and disco balls.

Other Helpful Tips for a Great Cocktail Party

Margarita machine Rental Miami- Drinks

  • Send invites around two weeks before the occasion, except if it’s a busy season like November and December.
  • Expect 50-75% of visitors to attend; it will help you estimate the number of drinks you’ll make and the number of glasses you’ll require.
  • Estimate 2 to 3 beverages for every guest.
  • Add a feature to your party – food dishes, activities, games, theme decoration, or something else that may suit your event.

   24 Hours has your Perfect Margarita Machine Rental

Yes, tasty frozen drinks, delicious food, and awesome tunes that keep the dance floor bumping are significant elements of a great cocktail party. Yet, having the correct tools, furniture, and accessories would be best to guarantee it’s memorable for the right reasons.

When you need a party rental company expert in chair and table rentals near me and frozen margarita machine rental, we have all of your cocktail party requirements.

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