8 Inexpensive Children Birthday Party Ideas

Forget going broke and throw a thrilling party with our inexpensive children birthday party ideas. Yes, nowadays hosting a birthday celebration for a small child appears to be a competition between parents. However, it shouldn’t be that way since it’s not a competition. It’s about the child, not the parent. 

Most children want an inflatable castle rental unit and a cake. But a few parents think their child needs a birthday celebration with a limo or live boy band. If you don’t want to overspend, consider these eight cheap children’s birthday celebration ideas below. 

Don’t Invite Everyone for an Inexpensive Children Birthday Party!

Maybe you and your child would like to welcome everybody from school; inviting the entire school can quickly transform a cheap party into an extravaganza event. 

Don’t invite everyone and cut your expenses. A smaller guest list means your child can invest quality time and bond with their closest guests. 

Pick a Child Theme 

birthday party theme

Picking a birthday party theme will not break the budget when you do it correctly. Whether your child wants Batman or Princess, you don’t need to purchase premium products to make the look. Odds are, different visitors have seen all of the pre-made themed items. 

Although it’s simpler and easier to purchase pre-packaged themed products, instead use some creativity. For instance, if your need a Disney-themed birthday celebration, make Disney-themed cupcakes and take photos with your favorite child theme toys. 

Send Online Invitations 

It’s OK to ditch paper invites for online versions instead. You can personalize online invitations cheaply compared with paper invites. Furthermore, you’re not paying expensive postage. 

Search online for simple to use templates that you can download and print out for delivery. Or visit Evite for better services and quick RSVPs templates

Throw the Party at Home or Find a Free Venue 

Most parents want their child’s birthday party to be a special event but don’t want to go broke in the process. Make the party unique and creative, whether you host it at home or an accessible venue. You should be inventive. 

You can make it more fun by hosting the party at an indoor playground or restaurant. Those sites can charge little to host a short-time party. The cheapest children’s birthday sites besides the home are parks, playgrounds, beaches, and a neighbor’s oversized patio. So, you can set up your adventures with indoor and outdoor games without time limits. 

Rent a Party Rental Package

Miami birthday party rentals package 4

Often, we think a few borrowed chairs and tables are enough for a few guests. However, we have to bother our family or friends with the items and be responsible for the items. Other times may be buying and using them, again and again, seems like a good deal. Well, until you have to store the supplies and maintain until you use the supplies the following year. 

Instead, consider renting a party package that a party rental company can deliver and pick up after your done with the inexpensive children’s party. And don’t worry, you can pay a small insurance fee, so you don’t have to worry about a chair rental item breaking and paying out of pocket money to repair them.

Save money on Gift Bags 

Parents expect their child to get a gift bag at the end of the celebration at children’s birthday parties. However, the expense of all of those gift bags and favors add up. Usually, people fill gift bags with useless things that children throw away, break, or eat like candy. 

Instead, plan a craft or art activity, so every guest can brings home their items as their treat. On the other hand, give out token or prices during different games and competitions but provide at least one to all visitors. 

Don’t buy Themed Paper Plates 

It’s difficult not to buy those beautiful party supplies with your child’s #1 character like Batman and princess. Yet, those items cost a lot more, and toddlers won’t care much for themed paper plates.

Instead, buy a parge package of pretty color plates, napkins, and cups that will cost less than themed paper plates. 

The truth, a themed cake, and a bounce house, and all the young guests won’t think about themed paper plates. But you saved some pennies that you can use for the cake.

Bake a Cake

bake cake

Speaking of birthday cake, a cake from the pastry shop is costly. You can bake a cake or cupcakes for less. Get some creative cake and cupcake ideas on cake websites or check how to make a cake in YouTube videos

Or, make a chocolate-themed birthday celebration that children and adults will love with the added finishing touch, a chocolate cake. 

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