6 Cheap Birthday Party Package for Low Budget Planners

Planning a party isn’t difficult if you purchase a cheap birthday party package to help your budget. You can also hire an event planner if you invite more than 50 guests. The more help, the better, I say. I recommend purchasing a party rental package in Miami because renting supplies one by one can get expensive.

Also, there’s no reason to buy them either. Most hosts or parents throwing a birthday party would only use the supplies once a year, so buying them is unnecessary. However, you may purchase them if you host many events since you’re an event planner and have storage space.

So, what comes in party rental packages? I will show the supplies that our best party rental packages bring.

Inexpensive Chair Rental Packages

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When you’re throwing a party and using your favorite chairs, you might not get them back the same way. Often, people spill drinks, and a heavier individual may break a chair too. Your next option is to bother your friend or family member. Although they lend the chairs happily, their mood might change if you bring them back dirty and not in great shape. So, what other choice do you have?

Party packages save you much time chasing the chair rentals in Miami and keep you from bothering your loved ones. In addition, you can rent insurance, so you don’t have to pay cash if your chairs break or burn with a cigarette. Most significant packages bring 40 chairs, meaning if you need a few more, the manager will find a way to accommodate you.

Cheap Table Rental and Chair Package for Birthday Party

Tables and chairs are furniture that people don’t like lending. For one, because some tables are expensive and made of classic wood, people don’t want to lend them. Yes, plastic tables exist that you may use for a small birthday. But to accommodate more than 50 guests, you’ll need many more table rentals in Miami. Plastic is affordable and fits small birthday parties but consider renting table rentals in the wood, particularly for weddings and lovely or classic events.

People like to sit to drink their beverages and eat without the tables moving or wobbling around and thinking they may spill their drink. You can rent plastic chairs for a children’s birthday party since it’s not a “must” to rent heavy wood tables. You’ll be okay with 2 or 3 tables unless you need more, so be ready to tell the manager your needs.

Tent Rental Packages for Birthday


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If you’re hosting an outside birthday party, wedding, or event, consider tent rentals near me. You can choose from many sizes, designs, and styles, plus many more things you may want. However, tent rentals can look uninspiring compared to a massive pinnacle like castles in school fairy tales.

Canopy prices will vary dependent on the size and design. Sizes start at 10×10, 10×20, to large 20×20 to massive canopies that measure 40×100 and accommodate 250 guests. But don’t worry, you won’t need that one, but you need the smaller ones you can have in a party rental package.

Remember, if you need them for a wedding, you can rent accessories like lighting and furniture and even add heating and cooling to help your guest cool down or forget the summer heat.

Affordable Concession Machine Rental Packages

Why would someone rent a concession machine or other food machine? Why not? It is delicious food that reminds people there eating at a carnival. We have many options, including,

Face Painting Services

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We also include an hour of face painting in our cheap birthday party package. Children and some young adults will like face painting. If they want to be painted like their favorite animal or flower, the expert can paint them however they like. Imagine all children looking like cats, dogs, lions, flowers, and people laughing while taking photos and uploading the images to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

This can be the best part of a cheap birthday party package since you can get more for less cash. Because if you rent a few chairs and tables, then that’s all you will get. So instead, consider the best party packages.

Cheap Bounce House Rental Birthday Party Package


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Yes, bounce house rentals in Doral can enhance a child’s birthday party plus make a fundraiser a lot of money. Bouncers arrive in many designs, themes, and sizes. You can match your child’s birthday with a princess, Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer, Frozen the Movies, and many more.

A small bounce house can hold about five children, but consider renting a commercial bouncer if you expect many more. These commercial bouncers can hold more than five children and are almost impossible to move once staked to the ground. If it’s outside, look for an outlet, but if you don’t find one, consider renting a generator.

The bounce house needs constant air to stay inflated, but if the power dies, then the bouncer may deflate. And you will experience a fiasco if that occurs, so find a generator for your outside occasion.

Imagine having only a few hundred dollars for your child’s birthday but still wanting to make the best party ever. Then, you can still do it with our cheap birthday party package found at our store.

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