Essential Tips for a Child Party Using a Foam Machine

Why not throw your child a foam machine party since your kid’s birthday party is coming up! Or, have you figured out where you will put the mobile petting zoo? Are you going to have a magic show and make the magician release a dozen white pigeons? Did you book your kid’s preferred clown and name the party Princess Kelly or Prince Charles? And, did you lease the bounce house rental in Miami from your favorite party store?

No? You mean you have done none of that? Yes, nowadays birthday parties are getting crazy. However, I don’t think having all those options is a problem—I think it’s an open invitation for bored parents to channel their creativity.

You’ve probably heard many five-year-old girls spouting about how much fun they had at their friend’s princess party. And you know what that means, bring it too!

Why not do something special too, like renting foam machines for children to dance and play?

Foam Machine Rental

Foam Machine Rental Miami pool party

Children’s foam parties are not like the discotheques of Ibiza. They are perfect and safe for everyone, from little children to adults! Our machines use mostly water and are biodegradable soap, so it’s safe for children.

You may think the machines produce foam using regular hand soap and water so that you will get chilly, wet, and sticky. No, not our foam! Yes, your clothes will get wet, but you won’t feel cold when in the foam; it will keep you warm.

The solution used in our foam machines is natural and organic, making it safe for you, your visitors, and Mother Earth. This solution will never damage the environment or cause allergic reactions to anyone. The foam solution is odor-free and has no chemicals, sulfates, or petrol.

The most significant of a foam machine party is that everyone has fun and appreciates the time while staying safe!

Budget for a Foam Machine Party

Think about how much time and cash you have for the party before spending all your money planning the most fabulous party ever for your child. If booking a site is a reasonable cost, start reserving early.

A popular party site can work well if you book it in advance, so you prefer not to scramble for a place. The good thing about venues that have some expertise in children’s parties is that they deal with most planning.

However, they can be expensive and don’t forget to tell them you’re throwing a foam party since some venues can deny you because you may damage their equipment and walls with the wetness of the foam.

An at-home party will be the best alternative for those with a limited budget since the foam machine party won’t take much patio space. Party supplies can work out modestly if you stick to essentials like balloons, streamers, renting plastic chairs, and tables.

Rent Chairs and Tables for your Foam Party

children chairs and tables

While throwing your child a birthday party at home, all the small details matter. Adult seats and tables won’t work for the children. Therefore, you may need to contact your local party rental store to ensure they send the proper chairs and tables for 20 tiny bodies.

Send Party Invitations Early

Nothing dampers a gathering like a low attendance rate, the top reason you have to send your invites early. I recommend sending invitations two or three weeks in advance so families can adjust their schedule and get a gift and show up.

Don’t feel obligated to send expensive decorated cards via the post office, either. Instead, please send an email since it will make it simpler for visitors to RSVP, so you’ll know who’s coming earlier.

Keep the Party Food Straightforward

pizza bites

Try not to provide elaborate catering or attempt to pull off a 15-layer cake. Usually, finger foods, for example, pizza bites, hotdogs, burgers, and chicken wings, are the simplest to serve. Plus, they are usually children’s top choices. If you feel you can cook yourself, prepare as much as possible in advance.

Attempting to cook for 20 hungry kids and their parents while getting organized a couple of hours before the gathering will leave you exhausted. Regarding cake, each child will be content with something from the market.

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