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Halloween Party Games, Activities, and, Food Tips for 2019



If you’re searching for a couple of scary Halloween ideas, then allow party rentals in Miami, FL, organizers help you get your gathering spooky. Halloween allows people’s imagination to shine. While a few people like to feature their funny sense of humor (funny costumes that make people laugh), others value the holiday since it allows them to dish out some scares. If you experienced childhood scares because your mother or father transformed your home into a spooky house for the local children to appreciate, recreate those same feelings today.

First, you must get an idea of what your partygoers would like or appreciate. Also, you may offer a couple of terrifying games to play or activities to keep guests entertained. Remember, not everyone likes scary stuff so respect the individuals who don’t want to take part. Miami Party Rentals organizers will assist you with some activities or games and food ideas so you can plan your Halloween party.


Plan a graveyard visit

sleepy hollow cemetary

Oh yes, if you want to do something different, there’s no spookier setting than a graveyard. Now, if you live nearby a scary place like Spooky Hollow cemetery or Miami City Cemetery, and you have friends who respect the dead then make it happen. Nothing gets people more scared than a real cemetery.

However, check visiting hours and the atmosphere of the place to ensure you’re not trespassing. If it appears lighthearted, think about mapping out a couple of other graveyards in your general vicinity and ask for a tour. If the place feels festive then, you can tell a couple of scary stories to make your ride back to the house party even scarier.

Read some scary stories for all to hear in a candle-lit room

You don’t have to light up your face with a flashlight, but you can still make your stories creepy. A decent place to look at that have scary stories is on Screen Craft. While many stories are fictional, they can scare you enough to keep you up all night.

To save money on power and to make a spooky glow you could use candle lights. As an excellent tip, go with unscented candles — or a fall-related fragrance. Otherwise, the mixed scented aromas may make your gathering smell nicely which will destroy your party’s scary atmosphere.

What’s your favorite scary movie?


If you have kids who frighten quickly, then tell them to stay away from the living room. Perhaps the best part about Halloween is there are so many scary movies available that will keep you shaking throughout the night. Regardless if it’s Psycho, Night of the Living Dead, The Nun, Jason or the clown from IT, you have many horror titles movies to browse.


Play Pandora’s Box

If you’ve never known about the game, here a quick recap! You’ll fill four shoeboxes — one with something unpleasant (like ice, or sandpaper) one with something scary (spaghetti guts or hairy wolf hands) one with something gross (worms, grapes of eyeballs) and one with something nice (treats or marshmallows). The odds of touching something disgusting are at 75 percent or, maybe you’ll be the lucky one.

Halloween party food ideas

Halloween baked treats

From spooky drinks to charming pastries, these Halloween party food ideas include everything! No gathering is finished without these fun Halloween party foods.


  • Witch Cupcakes are a cute Halloween cupcake idea! Décor the cupcakes with cookies and Hershey’s Kisses to resemble witch hats!
  • Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats are ideal for any party or as a Halloween dessert! Prepared in just 20 minutes, everybody will love them. These pumpkins Rice Krispies Treats don’t have any pumpkin in them but resemble a pumpkin. Therefore, the taste still the same as the sweet vanilla marshmallow flavor. If you do mixed pumpkin into Rice Krispies Treats they’d most likely go stale and the consistency and would be off.
  • Bake custom made tortillas loaded up with chicken, cheddar, and enchilada sauce in a skull pan to make these spooky enchilada skulls. Your Halloween party visitors will be shocked at your culinary skills!
  • Shepherd’s Pie Stuffed Peppers looks more fun when you cut those peppers like pumpkins!
  • Halloween fun isn’t only for sweet eaters! Sneak a few veggies into your Halloween tricks with a scary Halloween Monster Mash soup!
  • A Halloween deviled eggs formula topped with bugs is an extraordinary creepy treat for a Halloween partygoers!

If you need any party items or decorations for your Halloween gathering, then 24 Hours Party Rentals has it all, please call or visit us today!

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