Halloween Safety Tips for Families

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Halloween Safety Tips for Families

Children love the Halloween decorations, candy, and, the spooky costumes they can wear when they go out trick or treating. Kids have much fun trick-or-treating, at classroom parties and strolling to neighborhood houses. However, for mothers and fathers, there is a fine line between Halloween fun and safety concerns, particularly regarding streets, treats, and pedestrian safety. These party rental in Miami, FL expert safety tips for parents, kids, and homeowners will help keep everyone safe this Halloween.

Safety tips for guardians

Kid Batman Costume

  • Try not to use masks. Masks make it difficult for kids to see what’s around them, including vehicles. If there’s no other choice, try a hypoallergenic mask since they cause a less allergic reaction or instead of a non-toxic make-up kit.
  • Make or purchase costumes in light-colored material.
  • You can place strips of reflective tape on the back and front of dark outfits, so drivers can see your kid.
  • Costumes should fit tight or properly so it prevents kid’s falling. Avoid outfit accessories, for example, large shoes, high heels, long dresses, and long capes.
  • Dress your kid for climate changes (heat, cold and, rain).
  • Write your kid’s name, address and telephone number on their outfits.
  • Kids under 10 need to go along with a grown-up for trick or treating. Kid’s age 10 up, can go trick-or-treating with a few friends.
  • Remember that gum and hard treat can represent a choking hazard for small kids.
  • Get rid of make-up before sleep time to prevent skin and eye irritation.

Tips for a child without a grown-up

  • Ensure your kid goes with at least three individuals.
  • Give them a flashlight to see better and a cell phone if you have one available.
  • Talk to them about the path they should follow and call if they intend to go on a different street that isn’t on the course.
  • Set a curfew and ensure they have a watch.
  • Advise your kids not to eat any food until they return home.

Safety tips for teenagers

safety tips crosswalk

  • Carry a white bag or pillowcase for your sweet and add reflective tape.
  • Dress for the climate. Cold climate or water absorbent materials in the downpour can be uncomfortable.
  • Bring a cellphone, for emergency reasons.
  • Always travel in groups of at least three.
  • Tell your parents the route you will take.
  • Don’t knock on houses that are not well lit and never go inside a stranger’s home.
  • Use the walkway but if there’s no walkway, walk on the side of the facing traffic.
  • Use crosswalks.
  • Do not crisscross across the road. Walk your way up one side of the road and afterward start on the other.
  • If you have allergies, eat nothing until you get home.
  • When you have an allergy that needs an Epinephrine injection, carry it with you and let your friends know when to use it.
  • Wait to eat your treats until you return home. When home, request that your parents see your bag of goodies to check if everything is ok.

Safety tips for homeowners

Haunted house

  • Turn on outside lights and replace worn out bulbs.
  • Get rid of things from your yard or patio that may trip a kid.
  • Sweep wet leaves or objects from your steps and driveway.
  • Use other options than candles to light your pumpkins, for example, a flashlight or a battery-operated light.
  • A few kids have food allergies so consider giving treats other than sweets with peanuts, for example, stickers, erasers or toys.
  • Put out a Halloween poster on one of your house windows or front doors to tell kids with food allergies that you will give out food with peanuts, milk, eggs, etc.

Other options than traditional trick-or-treating

  • Local community centers often offer Halloween activities.
  • Neighborhood shopping malls frequently have daylight trick-or-treat for small kids which serves as a controlled environment
  • You can plan a Halloween night at home with games and Halloween movies. The movies will depend on the age group and welcome friends.

Healthy Halloween

Halloween candy

  • A significant meal before trick-or-treating will deter youths from eating all the Halloween treats.
  • Consider buying non-food treats for trick-or-treaters who visit your homes, for example, coloring books, pens, and pencils.
  • Tell your kids to wait until they get home to check and open the treats. Although food tampering is uncommon, it happens so a responsible adult should examine all treats and discard any rotten, unwrapped or suspicious items.
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