Hiring an Entertainer for a Birthday Party Guideline

Hiring an entertainer for a birthday party shouldn’t be that difficult. Does your boy or girl want a princess or Spider-Man to show up at their next birthday celebration?

Or if your children are fantasizing about a singalong or picture-taking session with their preferred character and won’t let it go, odds are you won’t be the only parent trying to get the entertainer.

Yes, hiring an entertainer for a party is better than a game such as pin the tail on the donkey. This industry is growing. Therefore, let’s see how our party rentals top planners can help you hire the right entertainer.


Know the Cost of Hiring an Entertainer for a Birthday Party


So, how much does a visit from a princess or superhero going to cost you? You can expect to spend somewhere between $120 and $250 or more for a one-hour visit with a party entertainer. Yet, remember, there’s a wide range of prices among local businesses.

This range will affect the quality and reliability of this service, which any serviced-based industry can have. So, yes, the price can reflect quality. However, hopefully, potential clients will take their time analyzing why a company may charge more than the other. With a respected company like 24 Hours Party Rentals, you’ll find a remarkable level of customer service that brings our clients back year after year.”

Often, the packages can include singing and dancing, a game with prizes, and pictures with the family. Also, one-hour Doral, Miami party packages can consist of more time for face painting, balloon twisting, and a present for the birthday kid.

Our party rentals company can offer party entertainers such as Cinderella, Little Mermaid, the Iron Man, Spider-Man, Clowns, Magicians, Comedians, and more.

First, Hire the Children Party Entertainer then Send Out the Invitations

We recommend parents to plan for their kid’s party entertainers. Ensure you don’t wait until the last minute. Thus, hire your party entertainer first before you send out the invitations.

Also, research the party package before signing a contract or agreement. Usually, many party companies offer a wide range of activities with a character visit.

Hire an entertainer flexible in hours and talented. So they can use their specific skills during a party, for example, a game, a story, swell balloon twisting, face painting, magic tricks, and bring a present for the birthday kid.

Besides, if the performer sees that their storytime has the children bored, the entertainer will quickly change it and perhaps do something else instead.


Tipping and other added costs

Hiring an entertainer for a birthday party-happy clown


Parents or clients must remember to tip the entertainers at their kid’s parties. Yes, it is good to tip the entertainer. You can give performers around $15 or $20 as a tip.

The tips make the challenges that accompany live character performances conceivable. For instance, if you have an entertainer appear in a bodysuit on a plus 90-degree day sun or a charming little fairy appear on a cold day, I trust you tip them!

Entertainers can add charges for families who live beyond a specific traveling distance of the company. Or when a parent needs more time or wants extra characters to the gathering.


How to Hire the Correct Children Party Entertainer


I suggest parents take as much time as necessary to pick the correct party performer or entertainment such as a band for their occasion.

They should feel that the services they’re paying for will show up, and the experience will amaze their guests besides the birthday child. Of course, the top tip we can offer is seeing their entertainers’ real pictures and videos.

Likewise, read online reviews and search for companies with many positive reviews on the many available sites. For example, use Facebook or Google My Business since they can’t manipulate the reviews.

When parents take their time to look at all the factors that do an extraordinary entertainment business, they will understand that cost isn’t the primary concern.


Hiring an Entertainer for a Birthday Party is Worth the Cost

Disney Princess cake

It can cost some money when hiring an entertainer for a birthday party. However, many parents think it merits the cost when considering the fun and memorable time their kid and their visitors will have during the birthday party.

Also, parents can loosen up at least an hour while the entertainer keeps the children engaged. You’re genuinely paying for someone to engage your visitors from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave.

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