How to Make your Bounce House Theme Party Better with Games?

A bounce house theme party is fantastic since you don’t need anything else to make it more fun, but children can get bored, so consider adding a fun game too. To avoid having a boring party, you may, for instance, introduce a game that keeps them engaged.

But you don’t need to bring them out of the inflatable to accomplish this. Since the bounce house rental has enough space to make the children play different games. Although, you will need to think about a creative idea that will be right for the inflatable castle.

Here are a few recommendations, but first read below the average bounce house rental cost:

How Much Does A Bounce House Rental Cost?

According to Fash, the average cost to rent a small bounce house ranges from $30 and $50 per hour. The bounce house rental cost will range from a low-$140 to a high-$640 for a 6-hour rental depending on the size of the inflatable and duration.

The Bounce House Theme Party Race

Kids playing inside a bounce house rental Miami

You can play the game in two ways: pick the one you like the most, or mix it up. To start, take four children and pair them in two, making two groups and accommodating them on both sides of the bounce house, telling them to jump. The pair should switch places with their particular partner before the other group does.

The other way to play the game, have the children line up in one aligned seam against one corner of the jumping castle. As soon as you command go, the children should drop to the inflatable castle and start somersaulting the other side of the bounce house. After arriving, the children should stand and contact the wall of the inflatable castle and then drop again somersaulting to reach the initial position, the first to make it back to spot wins.

The Dancing Floor

Music and dancing are fun at parties, then why not join the two-fun activities together? First, request the children to come on top of the inflatable castle and turn on the music. Next, tell the children to dance, then abruptly stop the tune; with the pause in the music, the children will need to freeze and stay still. If a child moves or falls, then they must leave.

However, the trick is that the floor would shake after the kids stop moving, making the children fall while keeping still when the music stops. Falling on the surface of the bounce house won’t hurt the children; the last one standing wins.

Time-sensitive Test

bouncing castle time sensitive test

You can use the thirty-second opening for this game. During this time, all the children should follow your directions. For example, ask them to jump on one foot or both feet or mimic an animal while jumping around. The kids who do it continuously during the thirty seconds will stay in the game, and others that can do the commands will lose. The game would end when you find the champ.

Bounce House Theme Party Balloon Attack

Assign two teams for the game. Hurl inflated balloons of two unique colors in the bounce house. They need to be the same in numbers. Tell each group which color they will have to blow up by stepping on to be the champ.

The team that can break all the balloons of the assigned color will be the triumphant team. To breathe life into the ambiance, add some fun music. They are many other variations of balloon fun!


The Bounce House Sequence Game

Funny laughing toddler runs on a bounce house

When playing this bounce house theme party game, get the kids to sit in a circle. The birthday kid will start the game with a specific move. Then the child sitting next to the birthday child will add one more. After, the next child will continue the chain until one forgets the sequence and losses. The number of players will lower with every elimination, allowing for one clear victor.


Now you know how to make your child’s birthday inflatable castle party even more fascinating with games. Don’t delay reaching out to a Miami Doral bounce house rental provider or another company that offers the best bounce houses.

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