How to Throw an Outdoor Labor Day BBQ Party?

Since Labor Day is the last summer holiday and is a favorite for an outdoor BBQ party, weekend vacations, and pool parties, you must have the best party supplies in Miami for your weekend. So, consider having a Labor Day party for your friends, family, and neighbors. 

Use these tips to plan a successful Labor Day BBQ celebration.

  1. Tent Rentals are Perfect for Outdoor Labor Day BBQ Party

Party Tent Rentals for Labor Day BBQ Party

A sizable tent will offer shade and keep visitors comfortable even on sweltering summer days like Labor Day weekend. Depending on your event’s needs, Doral tent rentals offer a variety of tents, including frame and tension tents. 

Thanks to tent rentals, a lightning storm won’t ruin your Labor Day barbecue. Everyone wants to have fun, enjoy food, and be safe from the sun and dry from rain.


  1. Chair rentals for a Significant Labor Day Party

Most outdoor parties require chairs, whether they are made of wood, plastic, stackable chairs, or folding chairs. Labor Day outdoor barbecues are no exception.

Chair rentals near me make it straightforward for people to accommodate every friend or guest at their party or BBQ.


  1. Table Rentals Allows Guests to Sit and Eat your BBQ Food

Ensure enough room at the tables for all your guests to eat American hamburgers and hot dogs. Choose the correct number of tables, sizes, and shapes based on size and outdoor location.

Since the Labor Day BBQ party isn’t a wedding or gala event, consider renting plastic chairs to save cash on the supplies.

  1. Rental Grills Cooks Delicious Prepared Food

7 burner propane grill

You must do a lot at your Labor Day party, including preparing the food, decorations, tent installation, and music.

Instead of buying a grill, consider renting one to save cash and easy cooking. The barbecues that are powered by propane are the most portable. They need the least work because a propane tank is simple to set up and maintain when it runs out.

Usually, party rentals have the best propane grill rental if you want to start preparing for that fun barbecue.

  1. Prepare the Labor Day Decorations for the Event

Set up decorations that are colorful and festive for Labor Day celebrations. Use the color scheme of red, white, and blue to match your party decorations, including table linens, streamers, balloons, dishes, and glasses. 

Along with emphasizing the American theme of the celebration, use some vintage barbecue and picnic decorations. Add lighting to complete your décor and establish an atmosphere. Lighting rentals offer light options for any outdoor night gathering.

No matter how many people will attend, install some Labor Day decorations to alter your celebration. But you can’t just buy any old decorations and have them. 

Sticking with a red-white-and-blue theme is a sure option, as Labor Day is a top celebration of American workers.

  1. Create Your Labor Day BBQ Party Menu 

Usually, Labor Day weekend is your last chance to grill out before the fall season starts. Therefore, use your Labor Day party as an opportunity to serve a variety of grilled foods. Here are some fantastic suggestions for your Labor Day party menu:

  • Grilled chicken and veggie kabobs
  • Steaks
  • Cheeseburgers and hamburgers
  • Coleslaw or BBQ chips
  • Fruit salad or some fruits
  • Rent a Margarita Machine for unique drink options.
  • Rent a Snow cone machine for a cold tasty treat.
  1. Rent a Bounce House for Entertainment and Play Games


Labor Day parties will only be complete with enjoyable games, activities, and other entertainment. Team games are perfect for older children and adults if you have a party in your backyard and have much room. Play tag football, set up a volleyball net, or play poker—even a tug-of-war between boys and girls or women and men. Everyone can enjoy playing games.

However, a bounce house rental in Miami can make your Labor Day more enjoyable for children, and it’s the perfect place to keep them entertained while parents socialize. Remember to have one supervising parent or pay someone to do it for the best and safest fun jumping time.

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