Inflatable Water Slide Rental Best Tips for a Grand Time

When the climate gets hot in Miami, Florida, the water games come out; however, inflatable water slide rental can take your fun to another level only seen with bouncers. For example, water sports in a pool, water parks, or merely a kiddy pool in the yard are quite possibly the best ways to cool off in summer. It’s no big surprise that people all over Miami, Florida, love to rent inflatable bouncers and water slide rentals in Miami, FL for birthday parties, occasions, and simply special days when they need to chill from the heat.


Regrettably, it’s not as simple as calling up a birthday party rental near me and leasing a slide. Especially in the summer months and not so cold winter months, you have many things to consider to ensure you’re renting a slide that is safe, fun, and accessible when you need it. Here are our best tips to ensure your inflatable slide rental is a triumph.


Know the Busiest Times of Year


When the climate is hot and sticky, individuals want to hit the water. Many will take trips to the Miami beaches, yet some stay home to make the most of their private or public pools or even patios. Leasing an inflatable water slide can be an incredible option for those without these ways of cooling off or the individuals who want something different.

Reserve the Slide Well Early


What are the best times to reserve a slide? Take a look at the climate! Usually, the summer heat goes from May to September. On the hottest days in July, many people hope to cool off and will book their slides.

We comprehend that the climate fluctuates, and it isn’t straightforward to plan the best pool party early. Booking a dry or water slide ahead of time means you should rent it if you need it when the time comes. However, if you end up not needing it, you may need to pay a cancellation charge. But if the severe climate is forecast, then maybe the party rental company will work with you to reschedule and ensure you get what you pay for.

Ensure You Have Access to A Water Source

large wavey water slide rentals

It may seem like a no-brainer tip, however many individuals don’t consider the access to a water source for a water slide before it comes time to set up. With most bounce house rental Broward, all you require is the power to work the pump that keeps the bouncer inflated. Nonetheless, with a water slide, you need access to lots of residential or public water and a 50 or 100-foot hose.


You don’t need a special connection or a hydrant, which in some cases is illegal. Remember that water use for a water slide is higher than your daily usage, so consider conversing with your water provider if you have worries about payment or limit spikes.


Inflatable water slides don’t use a massive amount of water – around four liters every minute. Still, it will be continuous use for as long as the inflatable slide is in action. Ensure you have enough water to fill the pool and keep the slide wet for safety purposes and smooth sliding.


Set Up the Inflatable Water Slide with Enough Time



Most inflatable water slides have a pool at the base that the user should fill. It would be best if you also inflated it before using it. Installing the inflatable, filling the pool, wetting the slide correctly, and guaranteeing everything works right and safe typically takes around an hour, depending on the inflatable slide’s size.

When you think about an ideal time for the waterslide rental Miami to show up, deliver to your area, and set up, you might need a few hours. Ensure you schedule the inflatable water slide rental delivery from a few houses prior so your visitors can enjoy the fun without having to wait.


Ensure You Have the Right Space for an Inflatable Water Slide Rental


For excellent safety, any inflatable slide needs to have proper space for set up. This space should accommodate the slide without jamming it with building walls or obstructions like trees. We suggest an enormous flat area on grass for a large inflatable water slide rental, but concrete can likewise work. However, put a large tarmac or plastic under it, so it doesn’t get damaged with rocks or cut.


A flat surface works best; you can’t set up an inflatable slide on a hill or non-level surface. Increasing the dry or wet slide angle can make it non-usable or unsafe. Besides ensuring you have enough space, check the inflatable size and material you want to lease. Some will require more space than others, and some can be set up on surfaces like grass but not on concrete. It can make it difficult to slide down.

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