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Mother’s Day 2019 Tips

Wow, we at 24 hours Party Rentals in Miami realize Mother’s Day is just a month away. So it also means it’s time to make mothers feel extraordinary and let her enjoy herself without any stress. Also, you can use your Mother’s Day as a time to spend the day together.

Setting up a party gives you a chance to do all these things without breaking a sweat! However, it needs some careful party planning and organizing to sort out an awesome bash. Other ideas are giving her an incredible mother’s day gift or taking her to a spa and leaving the man to fend for themselves.

Relax, Mother’s day is still a couple of days away; nevertheless, arranging something special for your mother requires some investment. Consider, making an exceptional gathering where she can relax from the everyday work she happily does. So, how about we set up an astounding mother’s day party for the moms in your life.

Remember, your mother or wife has been your pillar for the most part of your life and has managed work and kids while never asking anything in return. So use these Party Rentals in Miami planner’s best tips for an excellent Mother’s Day celebration:



If you intend to toss a surprise party, draw up a list of some of your mother’s top dear friends and relatives and send them invitations early. You can buy colorful cards printed or make your very own hand letter, composed correctly could make great invites.

A personal call to the guests can be adequate if you don’t have enough time to send invitations. Nowadays, even SMS and emails can work if you have excellent relations with the guests. Make sure to let them know is a secret but don’t get mad if some visitors can’t come since they also have a mother to congratulate.

Party Themes

A theme is not a requirement, but it can help a party take off. A decent topic guarantees that the decorations match accordingly and makes the gathering all the more exciting. A fitting subject for a Mother’s Day bash takes into account your mother’s preferences, age, and, taste too.

Tea party sounds good!

tea party sounds good

You could do something different this year and host a mother-daughter tea party. Enclose your preferred tea bag in the invite for a unique touch. Return to your adolescence when you used to play tea by asking everyone to wear tea attire such as trousers, floral dress, dress shoes, hats, and, gloves. Present a tasty choice of treats, cakes, and, pies to sample with the tea.

You could also include light sandwiches if you want to serve something other than desserts. Offer up many types of teas, as well as sugar, milk, honey, and, cream. Transform your lounge area into a tea room with flowers, lace, and, doilies, or take the gathering out to the patio but make sure you rent a small tent to protect your guests from the weather. Finally, serve your tea and baked goodies on vintage mugs and saucers.


Decorations have an impact in setting the right mood of the gathering. The decor is a reflection of the taste of the host and can make a great gathering. The flowers and centerpieces add magnificence to your gathering setting and remain an excellent way to add color. Greeting cards, balloons, banners, and, even custom made crafts can make the ambiance more colorful.



A unique party menu is something that everyone anticipates and ensure that yours does not miss the mark concerning the guest’s expectations. Make sure to include meals for non-vegetarians lovers just as vegan dishes for vegans on your guest list.

A Mother’s Day cake is a top choice for any mother. Also, you can run the barbecue and serve chicken or lamb for meat lovers, apple or pumpkin pies as other tasty deserts. Arrange to serve a couple of drinks such as beer, sodas, juices, bottled water, and, natural beverages.

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