Best Party Rental Items for Parties and Significant Events

As Miami party planning near me experts, we know a thing or two about providing the best party rental items and planning for a simple birthday or a classic wedding. However, these events have something in common; they have an attraction or party item for their guests to look at and enjoy. In addition, you can invite guests to eat and drink as they may get bored.

Nothing says fabulous wedding like serving delicious food covered in chocolate from a chocolate machine rental. The same goes for a children’s party that you enhance by renting a bounce house. Children love jumping, and nothing says jump on me like a Spiderman-themed bouncer.

Some of these items we offer are a bit different but making the same cake party can make your guests leave for home early. Don’t worry about the budget; we have Miami party packages and items to match your budget, both high and low. Below I’ll show you 24 Hours Party Rentals top attractions and party rental items we offer to enhance events and parties:

 Bounce House Combo Unit Items


Birthday cake parties are boring, particularly with today’s interactive games and activities. I understand budget crisis can negate the party planning process. But you can straightforwardly rent a bounce house for under $100 and a little more for a bigger one.

Children and some adults love jumping on moonwalks, and these items help children do some exercise while allowing parents a little freedom to socialize. In addition, these items can match a party theme you’re interested in implementing, from princesses to superheroes and colorful castles. There’s one for everyone.

Dunk Tanks Rentals Items

Dunk tank rentals Miami FL

So, not throwing a birthday party? Want to raise money for a charity event? Consider renting a dunk tank rental or a dunking booth in carnivals. If you’re going to raise more money, think about asking a celebrity or a beloved neighbor who loves water and makes jokes.

Well, the jokes have to be heartily fun with a little means to entice your visitors to buy more balls for a charity like cancer or the elderly.

Instead, hire a mean or funny clown if you can’t find the right person to dunk; people either love or hate clowns.

Chocolate Machine Rentals

how to use your chocolate fountain machine

Yes, I like to dance, drink, and love to chat with my friends, but if I see a chocolate machine rental, I will lose it. Well, I cannot deny I love chocolate, and if I can dip a steak in chocolate, I would, but seriously, it can make your guests remember your event for many years.

Imagine the happy eating chocolate-filled cookies, fruits, marshmallows, and other delicious dipping foods while enjoying the dance floor. Yes, you will be remembered as the best host.

Foam Machine Rental Items

foam machine rental party

Yes, everyone likes to drink and dance at a party. But that is not different than waiting for Friday to head to a club. So, how do you enhance the party atmosphere so your visitors show up? Well, you can add foam with a Miami foam machine rental.

Yes, this machine throws foam to enhance the party mood. Some guests will remember this party as a mini Ibiza. You can make a wet t-shirt contest with foam and give gifts to the winners.

However, ensure you tell your guests to remove any electronic equipment and protect your home from the water if you can’t use the patio.

Margarita Frozen Machine

Renting Margarita Frozen Machine Rental Miami

So, birthday parties, occasions, and charity events aren’t your thing. But you like to drink a few shots with your friends and karaoke the day away. So let’s make this day better for twenty of your friends with a margarita frozen machine rental in Miami.

Yes, it makes frozen drinks, and they don’t have to be margaritas. You can also mix tequila, daiquiri, and mojito to have a variety of drinks to offer your guests. Ensure you have plenty of ice and drink glasses or rent them from us so you can have a fantastic cocktail party.

Mechanical Rides

Mechanical rides rental

Yes, you like western movies, bulls, and horses, and you want everyone to enjoy a party that matches your taste. Well, we have the solution for you. Renting a mechanical ride can create a western theme party more memorable.

You could have your guests come dressed as cowboys and Indians besides dirty harry costumes while enjoying a ride or fall from a mean old jalapeno or bull.

If you need some party rental items for an event, contact 24 Hours Party Rentals, we can deliver these items right of way.

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