Portable Bar Stand Rentals Help Host a Great Cocktail Party

Portable bar stand rentals can help you manage your drinks more efficiently while throwing a cocktail party. A cozy home bar-style party is often better than a regular bar or restaurant.

Meeting up with friends at the bar is easy, but it’s not enjoyable. If you go during the happy hour, you will probably fight for a table and must yell your entire conversation. Also, you’ll spend a small fortune on a couple of rounds of drinks. I’m not too fond of those options. That’s why our Miami Party Rentals planners recommend you toss your house cocktail party.

Throwing a party means you control the music and volume; there’s no dress code if you want, no fighting for a table, and your friends can stay as long as they like. Well, hosting is straightforward, but choosing the drink choices can get somewhat complicated. Also, knowing what beverages to acquire can cause headaches since everyone has their likes. But don’t worry, it’s less complicated than you think.

Rent a Portable Bar Stand and a Margarita Machine Rental

Portable Bar Stand Rentals

Making a bar stand with mixers, spirits, and shakers may be brilliant. However, it could be a disaster. Many people don’t know how to mix their drinks, and you would prefer not to get stuck making cocktails throughout the night.

When you’re hosting a gathering, you don’t need to stay in the kitchen — the same goes for staying all day in your rented portable bar stand.

Save yourself the headaches by leasing a margarita machine rental that will have visitors raving about your flavorful frozen margaritas. Make special drinks if you like.

These machines can surprise your taste buds, and party rentals offer the best-frozen margarita machine rentals in the market besides renting portable bar stands.

Consider Guest Pleasers

Pilsner beer

After your frozen drinks, you’ll need some classics for your guests. However, the chances that you’ll get everyone’s favorite drink correctly are low. Therefore, you can try to get a sense of everyone’s taste with some careful choices.

People’s top picks include Pilsner, Witbier, Hefeweizen, and Saison. Top-notch tasting pilsners are high in quality, crisp, and have some bitter herbal hops to add complexity without lowering drinkability. Regarding Saison, you can describe it as a Belgian brew that is dry, drinkable, and food-friendly, with traces of lemon and pepper, completed with subtle bitterness.

For wine, get something from the Americas. These wines are appealing thanks to a good amount of fruits and approachability. It makes them a unique offering for gathering people with varied tastes.

If you want to offer some individual spirits, don’t complicate things. Have at least a bottle of quality spirit from every category: whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, etc. Good idea!

Consider other Beverages

Wine for cocktail party

Although it’s wise to make selections that appeal to all your guests, don’t let fear keep you from having fun with your beverages. Rather than only using fruit-driven styles from the New World, Old World wines typically offer a lot of earthier approaches. It can make a definite difference that your visitors can enjoy. Your guests could end up tasting another most loved beverage they never tried or existed.

Plus, you can also buy craft canned beers and glass bottle beers. Disregarding cans as metal tasting and the low-quality taste is a thing of the past. Yes, canned beers will always have a rich history in American culture, so why not enjoy a couple of beers the old-fashioned way?

Food Ideas for Portable Bar Stand Home Party

wine and cheese party

Drinking alcohol while you’re out at a bar can be acceptable. However, your guests and friends will hope to hang around for a while since they’re at a friend’s house. That means food is a must. Not serving enough food is a big mistake that the host makes. Beer makes people hungry, and even though they drink beer, it causes thirst because of the dehydration alcohol produces. It can also ensure no one gets too intoxicated since food assists in slowing down the rate at which your body processes alcohol.

The amount and type of food you plan on serving need to play a significant role in what you decide for drinks. For example, if you center your social occasion on a big dinner, I suggest sticking to one white and one red wine to keep things simple. Then again, wine and cheese parties or themed wine tastings are extraordinary opportunities to exploit broader wine offerings as they can become a huge part of the party.

Try not to Overspend on Beer and Liquor

No one needs to look like a cheapskate. However, getting top-dollar spirits is a common pitfall. Although there are a lot of sensibly valued spirits out there, you need to do a little research. A decent place to check is to go to your local liquor store or via an online shop.

Dress up our portable bar stand rentals for any event and rent one of our margarita machine rentals near Doral to cool down your hot guests.

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