Hey Mr. DJ, Pon De Replay: Tips For DJ’ing an Event

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Hey Mr. DJ, Pon De Replay: Tips For DJ’ing an Event

Party Rentals Miami planners have seen many experienced DJ fall apart during a show, no matter how excellent or professional their skills. Now, an amateur wouldn’t stand a chance unless they have someone to advise them like us.

Often, crowds don’t appear to dance, no matter the circumstances. It may be confusing to an expert Miami DJ just how one night women could be dancing to your songs and the other week you have serious-looking people not hopping on the dancefloor.

Regardless if you are hiring or want to become an entertainer for a day you’ll need to have thick skin when you come to work. Don’t worry sometimes it’s not your fault, and you just had a lousy day, or the crowd didn’t come your way but it still a little embarrassing.

In any case, do you need a DJ then you came to the right place but if you want to do it yourself then follow my tips, so you don’t fall and get embarrassed like many others?

Have your favorite songs ready!

have your favorite songs ready

Make a list of jams you could play as favorite party hits no matter the genres. You need to make a rule to use these songs only when you’ve got people who are not dancing. Make sure more than half are popular, and the other half is your party mix.

Do not dismiss top 100 Billboard hits or oldies hits because they’re not your type of music. These songs could spark life into a night shindig although you dislike Katy Perry hits.

Should you find it painful to play music that is deemed whack by your standards then make or find remixes of hits to play.

Learn many types of genres

You’ll have the ability to respond to various kinds of people likes if you diversify your music genres. Mastering one particular style is nice but will not be enough when your crowd has many ages. Also, experts understand one trick pony usually don’t get the job done since often the audience does not respond well.

Organize your songs so you can turn to another genre if your audience is not currently loving the songs you’re playing.

Understand and appreciate tunes of two or three genres you’re knowledgeable about, identify and test them out. You’ll see that this come in handy again and again to wake up sleeping guests.

Find songs that women love dancing to

find songs women love dancing to

It is about the women when it concerns the dancefloor. Why? Because women dance more often than man and they look great. Furthermore, you will notice an army of boys accompanies them onto the dancefloor to attempt out “new” moves on the ladies.

These boys do not necessarily care what music is playing, so they head into the dancefloor whenever they see a woman dance to attempt to impress her.

Take advantage of your expertise and organize proven girlie songs, then launch them if your dancefloor needs an awakening.

Think positive no matter the circumstances

You will need to have the ability to respond as a DJ since you’re not just a rude know it all entertainer but the reason why the party is rocking or not.

Being positive can enable you to keep jamming no matter the situations and keep you confident going on a long night or day. You won’t help yourself by moaning that is your audience fault and their many losers who don’t like to dance.

Sometimes people look bored or uninspired so smile a little and tell yourself you are going to flip it around. You have to get to your comfort zone and do what boxers do and go with the punches but have a counter ready.

Good DJs take request with a smile

good djs take requests with a smile

Most of us know how rude it looks when a DJ doesn’t take request so be a little receptive to listening to what people say. Usually, for a situation when nobody appears to be enjoying themselves or dancing.

A group of women asking for a tune is a winning proposal since you know they’ll bring other hawks to dance and I mean man. Their petition may be everything you will need to get the music juices flowing into your event and in the end the dancefloor.

If you need any party rental music supplies or an expert DJ, please call us or visit us.

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