Water Slide Rental Tips for a Safer Party Experience

Sliding down a water slide is fun but, not following our straightforward water slide rental tips can turn laughter into terrible memories.


These thrilling, significant, and colorful slides are ideal for any patio party or unique occasion. However, when you have decided to lease an inflatable water slide from 24 Hours Party Rentals Miami for your kid’s birthday party, you must guarantee safe play.


Quick Introduction to Water Slide Safety




As you get ready for your occasion, make a point to advise your children and visitors to dress appropriately. Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for water use. Don’t use poking accessories that could get caught in the inflatable. When the children arrive, tell them to take off their shoes and again remind them to remove all jewelry or anything with a zipper. You don’t want to pay any holes left in the inflatable!


Stay responsible for the young wild guests with strict guidelines for conduct. Children can turn wild with fun items like an inflatable wet/dry slide that children don’t regularly play with. Make sure to set strict rules for rough play. You will need to impose consequences for rowdy children if they push or shove on or close to the slide, cut in line, or attempt to damage the inflatable rental.


Climate remains a significant thought so, check the weather forecast a couple of days before throwing the big bash. If the weather turns terrible and thunder starts to develop, make sure to get everybody inside and begin deflating the slide.


Water Slide Rental Safety Tips


  • Kids should not enter inflatable water slides dry/wet without adult supervision!


  • Tell the guests to follow the guidelines that the operator or adult gives.


  • Remove sharp objects before entering the inflatable castle or water slide.


  • Take off eyeglasses, shoes, and jewelry before entering.


  • Don’t allow food, gum, beverages, and pets inside the inflatable castle.


  • No horseplay, for example, tumbling, flipping, wrestling, and pilling on others.


  • Only adults with adults and children with children will play, so no one gets hurt, especially the kids.


  • If the climate conditions get terrible, evacuate the inflatable. Avoid using inflatable water slides during lousy weather since winds over 24 mph could hurl the inflatable upward, and lightning and water don’t mix (water slides).


  • If the inflatable starts to deflate, stop playing, keep calm, and cautiously exit the inflatable.


  • Just a single person will slide at once.


  • Use the proper sliding method, feet first, and don’t slide headfirst.


Water Slide Rental Tips




Inflatables are the perfect addition to any child’s birthday party during summer. You can likewise make your child’s gathering an amazing one by leasing an inflatable castle and other party rentals items. The following water slide rental tips will help you when choosing the suitable water slide:


Think about the space of your occasion-Your first thing to do is to design the setup for the things you will use in the gathering. For example, do you have enough room to rent a giant inflatable water slide? And if there’s space left for dunk tank rentals, concession machines, tables, and chairs. Preparing in advance remains vital to guarantee that everything will go smoothly during the gathering. In addition, it allows you to pick the correct rental party merchant and package or bundle to avoid overspending.


Concentrate the bundles- Most party rental organizations offer various bundles or packages to meet the multiple needs of their customers. Often, you can lease one thing, for example, a single water slide. However, they additionally offer bundles that include various items, such as water slides, tables and chairs, and even a concession machine of your like. Usually, the more elements incorporated into the bundle, the less expensive it gets compared with the things individually.


Check the quality of the things you lease- If you don’t visit the shop, it can be difficult to tell whether the items are in good condition. One approach to gauge whether a business emphasizes the quality of their things is to talk with their delegate. Then, ask questions relating to the maintenance of their items.


Peruse online surveys -If asking the party business about the quality of their items isn’t enough, then nothing beats personal recommendations. However, if you can’t get any, you can read online reviews on the Internet.


Read through the business site and take a look at the quality of their things. Since website recommendations could be faked instead, use Google to read reviews on Google My Business and Yelp, independent of the company. It means the companies can’t alter those reviews.

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