7 Tips to Rent A Bounce House

The most popular party entertainment items are bounce houses. Due to their endless hours of enjoyment, Miami bounce house rentals near me are popular with businesses and families. Consider inflatable castles if you’re looking for inexpensive party items for your upcoming event or birthday celebration.


Let’s go over the best tips to rent bounce house rentals:


  1. Select a Time and Date to Rent a Bounce House


Choosing a date for your celebration is the first task you must complete. Most sellers have a limited delivery schedule and stock of jump castles. The provider can better assess its availability if you know what time and date you will have the celebration. The ability to send invitations early is another benefit.


Do you want guests to attend your celebration?


  1. Select the Right Location to Install the Bouncer


Determining where to place the bounce house and when to use it is equally crucial. Often, where inflatables can be used is restricted by the bounce house company. When you throw a public park party, insurance and extra employees are needed to operate the bouncy house. 


The inflatable supplier must know where the party will be to provide you with more precise delivery costs. Lastly, various surfaces require different materials to be secured securely; understanding where your bounce house will be installed can help to ensure everyone at the party’s safety.


  1. Choose a Reliable Bounce House Vendor

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Depending on your location, you can rent various bounce houses. However, when choosing a dealer, base your decision on something other than price. The company you hire must have a high reputation, safety, and insurance. Any reliable bounce house company will have its equipment insured and inspected. 


A top-notch inflatable castle rental will employ staff, have multiple trucks, and provide staff training in bounce house installation and safe usage. If you are concerned about your family’s safety, don’t be scared to inquire about the business operations.


  1. What Does It Cost To Rent A Bouncy House?


The size of the inflatable and the length of the rental both have a significant impact on bounce house rental costs. A combo slide castle costs up to $500, while a small bouncer rental costs $100 for a few hours. Standard bounce house rentals range from $100 to $250 a day.


  1. Know the Power and Space Requirements for Bounce House Installations 


Different sizes and shapes can be found in every jump house. Make sure you discuss the amount of space you require with your vendor. You want the area to be larger than the inflatable you rented. The sides shouldn’t be pressing against walls, trees, or the home. 


Determine how many power circuits you require. A standard bouncer just needs one electrical circuit. Your bounce house can need two circuits if it is more significant. A home’s circuit comprises multiple outlets connected to the same breaker rather than simply one outlet. When the delivery person sets up your bouncer at your event, ensure only the equipment uses the same circuit. Circuit-popping is never enjoyable and might cause delays during your party.


  1. Reserve your Party


Contact a Miami Party Rental company to provide money and a written contract once you have finalized the specifics. Make sure you know their weather-related cancellation procedures in case it starts to rain. Keep your final invoice.


  1. Verify your Booking the Week of the Bounce House Event


Confirming your reservation a few days before your event is a good idea, regardless of the booking date. Some businesses will phone you to confirm the confirmation. Contact them to confirm your reservation for the celebration week and make inquiries.


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