Renting a Bounce House Recommendations

Renting a bounce house rental for your patio BBQ, birthday gatherings, and family social affairs can be a great deal of fun! Kids’ parties are made more fun with cake and when there’s a Miami Bounce House Rental for children to play in. Most children are energetic, and unless you want them going crazy at a party, you should give them something to spend their energy on.

While party games remain a sure way to keep children entertained, why not lease a jumping castle too? These inflatable castles offer the children all the fun they require throughout the day, and the parents will thank you since it will tire them out. However, the gathering can go wrong quickly if you’re not cautious when selecting a jumping castle.

When leasing an inflatable castle, here are a couple of tips to ensure your experience is both pleasant and safe.

Commercial Bounce Houses offer more Durability and Stability

commercial bounce houses offer more durability and stability

You can find cheap inflatable castles at retail chains like Walmart and some party rental stores. However, these bounce houses don’t come made with commercial-grade material. Instead, they bring cheap plastic. The inflatable castles available to buy or lease at 24 Hours Party Rental are top quality and built to resist tear and wear.

You can purchase or lease the less expensive inflatable castles weighing about 40 pounds. Often, a strong wind can flip inflatables over, more regrettably, blow them away! Reliable Party Rentals only use the most durable bounce houses, weighing more than 300 pounds. Ensure you get a heavier inflatable castle for more excellent stability.

Rent a Bounce House that brings Quality Stakes for Better Protection

Inflatable castles rentals usually bring a lot of stakes that root into the ground to protect them from getting blown away. A low-quality inflatable castle will have cheap plastic stakes measuring only 4 to 5 inches long. It implies they could break or come out of the ground during use.

Most professional commercial-grade bounce house rentals use 18-inch metal stakes to ensure the item stays on the ground through the entire party.

Rent Items with The Best Inflatable Castle Material


An ideal approach to evaluate an inflatable castle is to check the materials. The manufacturers make durable inflatable castles of woven Oxford cloth or PVC tarpaulin. Another factor to check is if the party rental merchant sanitizes the items adequately.

Often, odors from chemicals utilized for cleaning can remain inside the bounce house, and the fumes could make people feel sick or dizzy. Therefore, it would be best to investigate everything before you sign the papers unless you’re buying the new inflatable.

Bounce House Size Matters

It’s critical to choose which size is correct to lease or buy. It’s likewise great to know the number of children visiting the party early. These tips should be helpful:

  • For example, a 17×17 size inflatable will hold more than ten kids.
  • A 21×17 size bounce house with an 18-foot slide will keep more than 15 kids.
  • An obstacle course that measures 40 feet long will accommodate at least 30 kids and some grown-ups who want to participate in the good times.

Ensure you Rent a Clean Bounce House


Another recommendation is to check whether the inflatable castles are cleaned and sanitized correctly to avoid skin infections and diseases. The bounce houses are often kept outside where they get dirty, so keeping them well-maintained will keep people safe from bacteria and viruses.

Cost of Renting a Bounce House

Most customers rent a bounce house for about 8 hours. According to Backyard Side Kick, the average price for a bounce house rental per hour is $30 to $50 or $125 to $285 per day. The larger bounce houses with slides, splash pools, or climbing areas will range from $375 to $580 daily.

If you’re searching for a suitable inflatable, let us help you find the correct one. We are your number one merchant for leasing the best inflatable jumping castles, bounce house combos, and inflatable water slides.

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