Advantages of Renting a Large Wedding Tent

If you want to host your special day outdoors, consider renting a large wedding tent for many reasons. First, you can easily accommodate tables, chairs, and a buffet and accommodate 100 or more people.

Weddings are incredibly significant occasions that require extensive planning. There are numerous reasons why a big wedding tent might be the feature that turns the big day into a memorable event for your guests.

Purchasing vs. Renting a Large Wedding Tent Rentals


Several considerations must be made before deciding whether to buy or rent an event tent for an outdoor wedding. Therefore, let’s go over these considerations below.

It becomes a wise investment if you want to use the wedding tent often. For example, if you work as an event planner, having an enormous wedding tent in your collection is necessary.

Planners can give customers a wedding package for outdoor events thanks to tents. However, if a bride wants a significant tent for a wedding, it is best just to rent one. The price of buying a canopy doesn’t justify the one-time use. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about storage fees.

Therefore, renting a large wedding tent for a single event is less expensive.

Big Wedding Tents Protection you and the Guests from Bad Weather

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You will be well protected from fluctuations in the weather thanks to wedding tents. Canopies offer protection from unpredictable weather like high heat and rain. Because a wedding is a one-time occasion, you don’t want to jeopardize your precious day.

Thanks to your large tent, you will shield the guests from harsh weather conditions thanks to event tents. The canopy will provide cold and hot climate control. Depending on the weather, you can order a tent with sidewalls to open or close.


Decorating the Significant Tent for Your Wedding


You can achieve your vision with a huge wedding tent as it provides a blank canvas. In addition, wedding tent decor lets you pick and match specific outdoor spots like beaches, parks, or other venues.

Many tents can create ambiance, including poles, frames, and high-peak. For additional effects, you can combine drapes with event lighting solutions.


Get Married Outside at any time of the Year Thanks to Giant Event Tents

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A massive wedding tent is just as effective as a permanent building you can set up wherever you like. In addition, frame and clear-span wedding tents can endure particularly severe weather conditions.

You can also rent flooring that keeps your guests dry outside and inside. Therefore, don’t worry about throwing a wedding in the fall or summer. To regulate the temperature inside your tent while it’s hot outside, you can connect to an HVAC system.


Many Wedding Tent Accessories are Available


Various accessories from a reliable party rental company with much experience planning outdoor weddings are available.

Therefore, tent accessories, such as tables, chairs, line rentals, lights, furniture, fans, etc., will be available when you purchase the canopy from them. As a result, these businesses take care of all your tent setup, installation, disassembly, and pickup.

Additionally, you can bargain for discounts because you rent many Miami wedding rentals and supplies.


Huge Tents for Weddings Eliminate Venue Costs


Large wedding tents are less expensive to rent than venues, which is another significant benefit. In addition, wedding tent rentals are significantly more available with or without reservation than indoor venues.


You choose the tent’s size based on how many guests you intend to invite. The tent’s price correlates with its size. No matter how many guests you want to welcome, the cost of an indoor venue would be fixed.


Therefore, hiring a wedding rental and equipment company is essential to organizing a perfect outdoor wedding.


How Much to Rent a Large Tent for a Wedding with Sidewalls?


According to Woman Getting Married, a small tent costs $500 to a larger one $5,000+ depending on size, type, etc.


Side walls cost $1 to$4 linear square foot. So, expect to pay around $400+ for a 40’X60′ tent.


But a tent measuring 40×60 accommodates about 146 guests.


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