Are Inflatable Obstacle Course Rentals Right for Your Event?

Inflatable obstacle course rentals and bouncers are always a terrific way to have fun, whether for a child’s birthday party or a corporate event. In addition, Miami’s best bounce house rentals ensure that children are occupied for hours and that adults get a restful night’s sleep. 


Moreover, renting an inflatable obstacle course for a corporate event encourages everyone to jump and play like children. Today’s bouncy castles are different from your youth. Modern unique inflatable castle rentals come in different shapes and sizes and even have various fun games.

Which inflatable Castle is Suitable for your Event? 


Most bounce house companies have many different themes, types, sizes, and prices to pick for a corporate event or party. However, which one should you choose to make your event enjoyable in all senses? If you need to rent an inflatable castle for your party or corporate event, there are a few things to consider.


Does your Party or Event have a Particular Theme or Style?


 Are you, for example, using a scary topic, sports theme, or business topic? Consider leasing an inflatable that fits your style’s theme or doesn’t conflict with it if you have one for your party. Please, only rent a youngster the correct bounce house theme, especially when party rental Florida companies have plenty to choose from.

Selecting the incorrect inflatable might be embarrassing for both the attendees and the participants. For corporate events, the best inflatable courses work best to keep your employees fit besides keeping children busy if it brings the family occasion.


Consider Measuring the Space at the Event’s Location to fit the Inflatable Castle


 Can a bouncer, obstacle course, water slide, or combo work in your space? Before beginning the bounce house leasing process, customers must measure their location to ensure it fits correctly. Unfortunately, some individuals don’t estimate and only assume; consequently, they rent an inflatable too large to set up in the location. Often, the order is canceled, but there may be delivery or stocking fees.


How Much Do Inflatable Course Rentals and Bouncers Cost? 

Bounce house combo cost to rent

If you only have $100, you should rent a standard bounce house. According to Back Yard Side Kick, depending on size and delivery location, bounce house combos, waterslides, and inflatables with interactive games typically cost $125 to $285. So, to save money because of a tight budget, consider renting a standard bounce house.

For the best savings, you can rent a party rental package with chairs, tables, tens, and a bouncer. Now inflatable obstacle courses cost between $400 and $600, making them expensive for small parties but perfect for corporate events.


In what Location will you throw your Bounce House Party? 


Whether your party is held at a home, park, venue, or beach makes a difference. Before renting an inflatable, you may need permission or authorization for a public area like a park or beach. Additionally, these public spaces may forbid users from booking more giant inflatables, such as obstacle courses, bounce house combo units, and giant waterslides. Remember, if they allow an inflatable, you will need a power source like a generator to inflate the bouncer besides a water source for the water slide.


For who is this Inflatable Castle Intended? 


You shouldn’t book a large obstacle course for a toddler party. An important consideration when hiring an inflatable is understanding who the inflatable is intended for. The improper inflatable rental can result in problems with use and safety.

Read more about inflatable safety. Bounce House Safety Rules

Should I Reserve My Bouncer or Inflatable Obstacle Course?

Water Slide rental wave curve

You should make reservations as soon as your celebration is planned. However, many individuals put off making reservations until the last minute, which is typically not the best course of action. Last-minute reservations may result in confusion, issues, and delays in the delivery of your order. Generally speaking, you should make your reservation a week before the event.

You can ensure the business has the preferred inflatable by making your reservation a week in advance. Of course, you can always change the reservation or cancel if necessary. But remember to do it at least a few days before the event date to avoid cancellation costs.

Thanks to party rental companies, reserving an inflatable product on your schedule is now simple and practical. Customers can now inspect inflatable products, their specs, and prices online. In addition, it eliminates relying on customer service staff to describe them verbally, making online reservations straightforward. It is thanks to the Internet of Things.


You should rent a standard bounce house for a children’s party and inflatable obstacle courses for family-oriented corporate events.


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