Backyard Memorial Day BBQ Tips

You can plan a backyard Memorial Day BBQ to honor a fallen relative or celebrate the service they gave to this great country. Memorial Day is a day for people to remember the individuals who served and died in our nation’s military, and often, it is somber. I know where six weeks away, but party company near me and many people consider this a summer holiday. 

What better approach to remember and celebrate our fallen than gathering loved ones for a BBQ? Throwing an effective Memorial Day party can be a significant deal, particularly when you have someone who died in service. 

Between picking foods, arranging fun activities, and inviting 50 guests, you may feel overwhelmed. Staying positive is vital to a fruitful party. With these quick backyard Memorial Day BBQ guidelines and planning tips, your BBQ will undoubtedly be a triumph! 

Party Equipment and Machines

Party Rentals Package 7

First, you cannot make a BBQ party food without the proper grill. Well, party rentals in Kendall have the best propane grills available. Plus, you’ll need some chairs and tables so your friends and family members can sit and eat delicious food. If you expect adults with many children, consider renting a standard bounce house. 

These bouncing units can help the kids burn up some calories allowing parents the chance to socialize. Remember, a day party can go until night. Thus, think about lighting like bistro lights which party rentals also carry. The best party is an outside party, but Miami storm showers can ruin the fun. Therefore, renting a party tent can also protect your guests and food from rain and the sun-burning heat. If your low on cash most party rentals offer a Miami Party package that brings a combination of these supplies.

Plan the Backyard Memorial Day BBQ Menu and List of Ingredients Early


Plan your Memorial Day patriotic menu and cocktail, make a list of the ingredients you need to buy, and head to the supermarket. You would prefer not to start the gathering with a forgotten ingredient you thought was in the kitchen. 

Many expert hosts like to make signature dishes or drinks to flaunt their skills, but it is up to you. Plus, consider visitor’s food allergies and preferences like vegetarians by giving a lot of options. 


Plan for Outside Refrigeration 


Most grill setups don’t have an outside refrigerator, yet you need some approach to keep things cold. If your near your patio, you can plug it into an outer connector or rent several coolers from a party rentals company, but sort this out before barbecue day. 

Refrigerate meats separately from other foods, and use a part of the cooler for the drinks. You can store drinks and store them inside until you need to serve them. 


Organize the Meat By Temperature
BBQ Meat and food

The most straightforward approach to do this is to make three options — well-done, medium, and rare. Name them, so they’re not difficult to distinguish. Look out for which meat you cook the fastest since you might run out. This idea will satisfy visitors and save time when asking questions about which steak is well-done. 


If you need some help, consider renting a concession machine rental. These food machines can help with providing people a snack while you’re hard at cooking a steak. You can rent a frozen snow cone machine for summer days or save some time by using a hot dog machine to serve 50 guests.

Protect your Food during the Memorial Day BBQ Party

While that buffet of food may look incredible in your photos, it’s not extraordinary for the food to stay open in the afternoon. Flies will get into the food, and even the cold coleslaw will wilt. So it’s ideal for protecting food from pests using large plastic covers

When preparing a potluck, keep plastic wrap convenient to wrap open dishes and platters. For your food, ensure it’s covered with a top or in a cooler until you serve the guests. You can likewise set up the food table right inside the house rather than outside. Keep in mind; this food needs to endure summer heat and bugs, so help it however you can. 

Rent Lights and Torches 


Consider renting and installing bistro or string lights around your backyard for the perfect ambiance and visibility when the sun begins to disappear.

Setting a couple of tiki torches can also help drive away mosquitoes with smoke and citrus oil blends. Ensure to supervise little youngsters around the torches besides a drunk person or two.


Hire a Party Rental for the Backyard Memorial Day BBQ Equipment

7 burner propane grill

If you expect more than 50 friends and family members or doing a Memorial Day event service at a venue. Please think about contacting a Doral Party Rental supplier, and right now, you still have time to get all of the supplies including the grill to have the best but with respect Memorial Day BBQ party.

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