Bounce House Rules to a Better and Safer Miami Party

Before renting a bouncer you have to make sure you know the bounce house rules so your children can have fun but safe time.

Yes, Bounce House Rentals in Miami are fabulous, fun, and, probably the best way to keep kids entertained during parties. Bounce house, otherwise called Moon Walks, bouncers, or inflatable castles, allow youngsters to jump and bounce around safely inside the structure. During the inflatable castle functioning, an air blower continuously pumps air into it. These robust, air-filled large toys give kids a fun and safe environment to play during parties and different occasions.

Children love these beautiful air-filled inflatables as they create an enchanting wonderland for them. Some inflatable castles also permit entertainments, for example, water football, basketball, and, climbing walls. When you are arranging a party and are thinking about how to keep the children safe and entertained for a long time. Then consider renting a bright Miami bounce house rental with slides and different features can be the ideal answer to all your party requirements. Below our party tips read our bounce house rules to a safer party.

Party Theme

First, you have to consider the inflatables party theme. Many inflatable castles are mainly made to match party themes. Thus, if you made or purchased a Batman theme cake, you could pair it with a Batman bouncer and, of course, decorations. Furthermore, inflatables castles come built around many cartoon characters, animals, race cars, dinosaurs, and, even adult bounce houses themes too, making the ideal addition to any party. Check three bounce house themes below:

Disney’s Frozen Theme Bounce House is Hot!

frozen-bounce-house from 24 Hours Party Rental Miami

Hosting a Disney Frozen Theme Party, lease this lovely and beautiful Disney Frozen inflatable castle for the little princess in your life. This will make your Frozen Theme party come to life. The small guests will adore this unit’s colorful Disney graphics of Anna, Elsa, Hans, and Olaf.

This bounce house likewise includes enormous netted vent windows to keep things cool inside while guardians supervise their children playing inside. This inflatable castle also brings a safety ramp at the entrance to protect running children’s entering and exiting the jump area.

  • Actual Size: 13ft x 14ft
  • Setup Area: 15ft x 15ft


Finding Nemo Theme Bounce House

finding nemo bounce house

Lease the Finding Nemo Bounce House Rental today to take the children swimming with Nemo and his fish tank buddies Gil, Deb, and Bubbles. Race while bouncing on jellyfish heads with Dory and Marlin or simply paddle around with Squirt, the ocean turtle.

Bruce will be there as well, but don’t stress he knows children are Friends, not food. Jump for fun inside this inflatable castle rental.

  • Size: 13′ W x 15′ H x 13’L


Mickey’s Fun Factory Theme Bounce House

mickey mouse bounce house rental Miami fun factory

Bring all the enchantment of Disney to your party with a little Mickey clubhouse fun! Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy will be in your lawn with Mickey’s Fun Factory Bounce House Rental.


Size party requirements

Toddler bounce house rental

Picking the correct size bouncer is significant if you need to accommodate all your young guests. Overcrowding a little inflatable castle can hamper its durability and could cause an accident, for example, kids will be hitting each other more often. Furthermore, if you are planning to set it up in your patio, then consider its size.

And whether it would fit in the limited space. A lightweight inflatable castle for the patio can have measurements of 10 feet long by 10 feet wide and 6 feet tall. Business bounce houses are significantly bigger, measuring around 15 feet wide by 15 feet tall, and can hold from 5 to 10 children depends on their weight.


Check the features of the inflatable castle before leasing one. Numerous inflatable castles combos have climbers, slides, water slides, climbing walls, ball pits, b-ball hoops, and, obstacle courses. Are you planning to throw a huge party with many guests?

Then the inflatable castle should have a significant jumping area, which can accommodate many children at the same time. You should likewise check for protective features, for example, a rooftop that protects the inflatable from the sun or from getting too hot during the day.


Funny laughing toddler runs on the trampoline

How many kids can the inflatable castle hold at one time, and what is the maximum weight allowed? First, check the safety guidelines to know the correct weight limit or ask the party rental merchant if you still have doubts. Lightweight nylon inflatables can support around 200 to 500 pounds at one time.

However, business bounce houses can support approximately 1,000 pounds of weight. Logically, small kids weight about 40 pounds each and a little bouncer supports 300 pounds then only about seven or eight children can be in the bouncer.

Bounce house rules to follow for a safer party experience

Little beautiful happy girl jumps on red bouncy castle and laughs

Regardless of the use, you want to give the inflatable castle, here are some bounce house safety rules that are meant to keep everyone safe and having a great time.

  • Adult supervision-Usually, most children can get “crazy” when playing, and you want them to have a fun time. However, to keep kids safe, have at least one grown-up supervising. The adult will ensure the capacity of children in the jumping castle is enforced and to guarantee the children aren’t getting too wild or hurting each other.
  • All kids and bouncers need to be the same age and weight group- You don’t want three or four teenagers bouncing with a couple of 7-year-olds since ‘teenager’s weight more and can hurt the small children. 
  • Take off shoes and any sharp items- This rule may appear evident; however, it can regularly go ignored. Taking off shoes, glasses, and, any sharp objects could damage the inflatable castle and hurt the jumping kids.
  • Don’t allow kids to jump in a partially inflated jumping castle- Jumping in a partially inflated unit can cause injuries and damage to the bouncer. When you see the castle isn’t completely inflated, check the connection with the blower or if there’s a puncture or hole. If you do know the unit losing air or a leak, have everyone leave the inflatable castle so you could check the entire bouncer. Do not allow anyone inside until you fix the malfunction!
  • Set inflatable castle safety rules for children-You don’t want your visitors getting hurt or injured no matter the age group. It could ruin the vibe of your party but also cause an unexpected hospital visit. Some simple rules are, for example, no wrestling, roughhousing, and, no performing flips. Likewise, ensure children avoid the entrance or exits of the bounce house unit.


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