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Miami Foam Party Tips

Foam celebrations are rare nightlife occasions which everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime! We at 24 Hours Party Rentals Miami realize many people don’t have a clue to proper attire since it’s not your regular party. Well, if you’re in doubt about what to wear to a foam party and how to set it up think about these Miami party rental apparel pointers that will assist you to enjoy the experience.

Setting Up

setting up

For the right foam party, you’ll require space and plenty of free space. As the soap foam will blind you and your visitors, you are likely going to trip or stumbling onto items that could break. If you don’t have a large setup area, then you’ll have to find a place or building which isn’t just significant but an owner who is willing to allow you to fill their space with foam.

One problem that people encounter making a foam party is the potential damage that could happen. The foam can seep into cracks across walls and floors or get absorbed by the carpets creating moisture which could make the mold. It also could coat uncovered pipes in the winter months and making them freeze. Usually, the water-based solution or soap foam could damage electrical equipment which can pose a safety hazard.

You can attempt to secure all electrical devices as it will decrease electrocution. However, if you’re making the party inside then take the furniture outside and rent plastic chairs for your guests. Also, protect all the electrical outlets. Now, a better solution is taking the party outdoors by using a plastic tarp. However, to prevent this hassle then put money into a Foam Party Dance Pit. As its name suggests, it’s an inflatable dance pit that permits people to move without of the dangers or risks of the foam getting into things.

Proper dress code

proper dress code
  • You might decide to put on a swimsuit as you will get wet; therefore this is the most common alternative and comfortable attire. Men could wear a t-shirt and trunks during the foam party and woman could wear bikinis! Consequently, bathing suits are ideal to assist you to resist worrying about destroying your clothes or limited by the soggy attire.
  • Have fun with all the themes such as the ones you use in pool parties and go out! It’s an excellent concept by bringing several scuba equipment and accessories for a fun time. By wearing a snorkel, goggles, a swim cap, or flippers, you will have an excellent time! You’ll be the life of the celebration, and you’ll get a lot of laughs and compliments.
  • You may opt to wear regular clothes if you are comfortable. Thus do not feel bad if you cannot freely dress as you’re not alone. Nevertheless, choose intelligently should you decide to wear clothing. Make sure that you aren’t concerned about the clothes getting cluttered or wet. Attempt to select clothes choices which will not weigh you down. Keep in mind when clothes get wet their translucent; therefore wearing an under suit might be a fantastic idea.
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable. Foam contributes to plenty of sliding and slipping so make sure you wear sneakers with solid soles for better traction. Tennis shoes are a fantastic idea because you’ll have the ability to run around all night since they have a good grip.
  • Finally, know about fashion options and your accessories. Girls should keep their hair back and opt for a bun or ponytail design to hold their hair from the face. Also, wear as little makeup as possible since the foam gets into your face which will make the mascara run down your lips. Choose waterproof makeup options that will keep your make up on you.


swim trunks

Knowing how to prepare for a foam party and what to wear is essential for a grand time. So make sure your dress comfortable, suitable, and, loose! Wearing the proper clothes and accessories can allow you to concentrate much more on the fun time and less on wet garments or cosmetics smudging!

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