Three Types of Folding Chair Rentals for Parties and Occasions

If you’re looking for chairs for an occasion, consider wooden types of folding chair rentals since they work admirably with minimal space and bring great portability. Folding chair rentals near Miami occupy less space when put away, and you can effortlessly move them by hand or with a cart or truck.

Today, wooden folding chairs are as popular as Chiavari chair rentals that people love to use for weddings. Besides the fact that they look modern and smooth, they look versatile, affordable, and simple to set and teardown for occasions.

Different varieties exist, yet you’ll see the exact seats repeatedly in all country cities since these seats have proven to be the best in appearance, transportability, quality, and storability.

Wood Folding Chairs Rentals

white wood folding chair rentals

Wooden folding chairs have advanced tremendously from plastic folding chairs regarding appearance. However, you can’t beat the familiar look and feel of wood.

They can produce wooden folding chairs using many kinds of wood, for example, oak, birch, and beech wood. They usually have a curved plywood backrest and a framed seat with a removable vinyl-covered pressed wood seat.

The removable seat is practical since it makes cleaning these seats simpler. Also, it’s simple to reupholster the chairs or purchase replacement seats.

Wooden seats have a thicker frame, usually about two or three inches. So, when you stack them, they take up twice the amount of space compared with plastic folding chairs.

Wooden chairs don’t bring a build-in nesting mechanism that shields them from sliding off each other. Therefore, we suggest strapping the seats together when stacked, so they don’t fall over.

One interesting point about wood folding chairs is that natural wood is more susceptible to scratches and damage than other chairs. However, the most damage happens while stacking and transporting the seats, so consider folding chair bags.

They’ll keep the seats protected and will tremendously improve the life of your chairs. It works well if you expect to keep them for a long time or want to avoid paying damages.

Resin Folding Chairs Rentals

Resin folding chairs look like wooden chairs, with a similar frame dimension and seat design. However, different from wood, resin chairs are molded to improve easy stacking with a unique design under the seats, so they nest nicely with the chair underneath.

Manufacturers make and mold resin chairs from polypropylene for more constant quality characteristics than wood. Because of polypropylene, the colors of resin folding chairs are limited, and no wood grain is accessible. In early production, resin chairs could yellow in much exposure to the sun. However, that has gotten less of an issue as most makers use UV protectants in the molding process. Yet, check with your chair rentals and seller to guarantee your seats come with UV protection.

You can clean resin folding chairs straightforwardly and maintain them. Usually, the users can clean white chairs with a damp rag before and after occasions to keep them looking extraordinary.

Applications can differ broadly between resin folding chair producers. A few things to analyze among producers:

Seams – each part of the chair is made with a two-piece mold. As a result, some producers’ seats have larger and more visible seams than others.

Weight – heavier weight isn’t something to be thankful for with resin folding seats. Their quality originates from materials and construction. More weight will cause more fatigue during occasion setups.

Weight rating – get some information about the weight rating.

Stacking – a few resin chairs can be uniform ”off”, making a slanted stack. Before buying, ensure your chairs will stack perfectly up and down.

Resin folding chairs work perfectly for event venues, party rental companies, concerts, and halls. But white resin chairs are ideal for weddings.

Metal Folding Chair Rentals

white folding chairs

These seats have been around for a long time. Known for their quality, you can find commercial grade metal folding chairs in halls, schools, churches, meeting halls, and event centers.

Besides usage versatility, you can also find more color combinations and upholstery than other folding chairs. For example, you can purchase metal folding seats in plain powder-coated steel (painted), a few unique colors of padded folding chairs, and many types of padded vinyl choices for more straightforward maintenance.

Party rental companies rarely use these chairs; although they fold up, these seats don’t stack nicely on top of each other. Most party rental companies like to deliver seats in stacks to occasion sites, but venues do well because of the transportation truck.

These are trucks made explicitly for metal chairs that offer more space-saving options than stacking chairs. Instead, many facilities pick a hanging chair cart, which brings two levels of storage racks on a single frame with wheels for easy transport.

Styles and features differ among makers, so search for a couple of things on metal folding chairs for differences:

  • Frame thickness (gauge) – a low number means thicker steel and typically a heavier chair.
  • Single or double hinges–this can help decide quality and sturdiness.
  • Powder-coated or liquid painted frame.
  • When you want a padded chair, check the thickness of the padding. When the fabric is padded, check the quality of the material too.
  • Accessibility of replacement parts and accessories.

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