Halloween Themed Bounce House Rentals to the rescue this 2020

Halloween-themed bounce house rentals are great solutions for people who have children and don’t want to lose the Halloween spirit this long 2020. Many individuals invest more energy at home than expected nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they won’t celebrate Halloween. Consider Halloween remastered this year or socially distant for safety.

From adult baking cookies, recipes, or even making a ghoul cake to renting a Halloween themed bounce house rental to enjoy with your inner circle. Yes, there’s always something to do if you have some imagination.

So, a themed bounce house rental Miami party in your backyard with only close friends and family seems like the best decision. I think it is much better than staying home and renting a corny horror movie you have seen a million times.

Remember, Halloween is a busy time for inflatable castle rentals, and even during this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, we expect people to lease bouncers. You can still have fun and be safe by reading and implementing the CDC safety protocols.

Rent a Super Hero Halloween Bounce House

BATMAN themed Bounce house rentals Miami

Hero-themed bounce house rentals are enormous for all ages. Check below the most incredible Super Hero inflatable castles for Halloween parties:

Batman is popular, but even more during Halloween. Sometimes, these bouncers come with Robin or both catching the Joker.

The Justice League-themed bounce house rentals are likewise hot during October. You will see Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Flash.

Little and some older girls like the Justice League inflatable castles since Wonder Woman has become popular with the new movie.

Other superhero bouncers include Spiderman and Hulk, besides The Avengers, with Hulk, Ironman, Thor, and Captain America. Different types of superheroes include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and Power Rangers.

Other themed Halloween Cartoons

Disney Princess themed bounce house rentals

Another superb choice for Halloween themed bounce house rentals are cartoon famous characters. We have almost everything for your children to match their costumes. Cars, Sharks, Finding Nemo, Star Wars, Pirates, Transformers, Princesses, and Super Heroes – pus much more!

Obstacle Courses and Water Slide Rentals

water slide rental Miami combo

If a themed Halloween party isn’t what you want but you but still want something fun, consider one of our HUGE obstacle courses or water slide rentals!

A massive obstacle course can work well when inviting many guests, particularly children, during your Halloween party. Party visitors can jump in the inflatable castle, crawl, go through the obstacle course and climb and slide down!

However, we understand the obstacle course may look empty when you only invite your inner circle of friends and family. So, I suggest a water slide rental in Miami instead. Consider a waterslide with a small pool if you think the weather will be soggy or hot. You can also have a slip-and-slide, water balloons, and water guns to help people cool off.

But you know what is even better, renting one of our concession machine rentals. For example, a popcorn machine, hot dog machine rentals, and the best one to lease for a hot day is a snow-cone machine with all the cool flavors.

Why Rent from 24 Hours Party Rentals?

24 Hours Party Rental Miami, FL experts will go beyond to ensure you throw the best party and that your party rental supplies reach you cleanly and in the best conditions. We’ll speak with you throughout the event to ensure things are in line and work out without any issues.

Our staff can set up the themed Halloween bounce house rental, water slide, or obstacle course for your event. Ensuring you’re ready to go. Also, don’t worry about pick-up since our services can handle that minor inconvenience. You can concentrate on having fun.

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