24 Hours Party Rentals During COVID-19

During this epidemic, you think a lot about how to celebrate that special event with the right event party rental in Miami Dade County. We are pretty sure you do not want to miss any celebration, but you are also concerned about the health of your loved ones and yours. Here we will be sharing with you all the preparations party rentals are doing to make that critical date possible, avoiding any health risk. 

While the whole world is doing its best to prevent the virus from spreading, Florida is not the exception, and authorities have prevented the population. 24 Hours Party Rental is aware of and committed to making their best during the circumstance we have now. Event party rental companies are in partnership with cleaning companies to ensure every guest and employee are in the safe zone.

The best event party rental company follows superior hygiene codes approved by proper authorities specialized in this crucial matter. Those codes focus on cleaning products and training their employees to ensure everything is controlled. Event party rental is also updating their safety knowledge to accommodate all their products and services.

24 Hours Party Rental Bringing Safe and Memorable Times.


While we want to make a particular date memorable, thus we safety and party packages is our new way. 24 hours party rentals have specialize to provide the best facilities, but safe ones as well. All equipment must be certified and licensed by the authorities we live in today. Our employees are professionals making your event flow’s well and well trained to keep you safe.

Every time we check any equipment party rental, we sanitize the equipment, thus providing safety as best as possible. We treat our bouncers with sanitizers to disinfect them and our party machines to avoid any risk while people consume them. 

We have good news for you; even outdoor celebrations are now possible since rental party companies have also taken measurements to make it. Companies continue offering sanitized tents and outdoor attractions with no exceptions. Any time you rent any equipment from them, you can trust everything was disinfected correctly.

Attractions and Essential Party Rental Items Suitable.

bounce house rental Miami dragon theme

Now that we covered the essentials of prevention, here is what we offer. We are sure you want everything to be perfect for that special date coming, and we know the one that suits you the best. 

Efficiency and quality are essential factors when choosing an event rental party. Many services and party rental packages are available according to your budget—everything for every indoor and outdoor occasion you may have in mind. Event party rental accommodates everything, even for the most significant event and the number of guests you want to have.

The kids need an enjoyable time with bounce house combos and even renting foam and bubble machines, cotton candy machines, and chocolate fountain machines. We are sure your kids will also remember that special occasion they spent with you as one of the best times of your children’s life.

Don’t hesitate to contact your local event rental party and ask them any questions you have. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, or special event, we want your party to be great. This means even in the smallest detail. We know you want everybody to have a happy ending.

Miami-Dade Business Guidelines

We follow the party business guidelines of our county, in addition to checking in regularly. We understand that the world has changed, so we have to adapt. But we also understand that we can stop living our lives as a community.

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