How to Organize a Tent Wedding?

Brides and planners alike love to organize a tent wedding for many reasons. Usually, the look, comfort, cozy air, and beautiful wedding decoration make for an excellent gala, plus shelter from the weather elements!

However, raising a wedding tent isn’t like what you and your friends use when you go outdoors. It takes a ton of work and requires much preparation. For instance, like the appearance of a clear top tent? While a see-through canopy is incredible to look at the stars at night, it acts like a greenhouse, catching hot air and representing a risk to your flower arrangement and guests during the day.

On the other hand, maybe you’re concerned that your tent may be too significant for your gathering size. To begin planning the tents in Miami, FL, check out these essential things about tent weddings for your wedding.

Pole Tent

24 Hours Party Rental Pole tent 10x10

Poles and guy wires support the pole tent. Also, it has a major flashy top with at least one peak. Beautiful pole tents are a fresh option. However, since pole tents must be staked into the ground, they can’t be set up on concrete or other hard surfaces, making them less versatile.

Frame Tent Wedding

One of the most widely recognized gathering tents remains a frame tent. Rather than poles, it utilizes a metal frame to support the canopy and is freestanding, so it tends to be set up on most sturdy floors. While it may not be as attractive as the pole tent, they’re more versatile. Inside the tent, the metal pipes are bare and can be left to hang lights and décor or covered with draped fabric layers.

Marquee Tent Wedding

Marquee event-tent

The marquee tent is a hybrid between the pole and frame tent. It combines the freestanding frame tent’s accommodation with the appeal of the pole tent’s peaked rooftop, giving you a great combo.

Sailcloth Tent

The sailcloth tent is a pole tent that utilizes sailcloth material instead of vinyl and wooden poles to support it. The translucent texture adds a lovely glow to the canvas’s inside space, and the peaked roof and curved lines make it a fantastic decision for any event. However, the pole tent requires staking with guy wires to support it, so it isn’t suitable for all surfaces.

Clear Tent

The clear tent has a clear vinyl top. Surely, you can dine and dance under the stars with the bonus of being shielded from the climate.

Read your contract

Read your tent rental contract

After you find the tent you want, you’ll likely need to sign a rental contract and pay a store to confirm your booking. The deposit will probably be around 1/3 of your tent’s rental charge. Read the details of your contract carefully and know of the cancellation fee.

Often, your deposit might be nonrefundable if you cancel within fourteen days of your wedding date. Everyone knows of backup plans nowadays, including merchants. Therefore, make sure you genuinely want a tent or ok with losing your deposit.

Visit the Site with your Tent Rental Company

It’s likewise a smart idea to visit the wedding site with your tent merchant well before your wedding date. Also, you need to examine the proposed tent area and get information about the ground’s stability for staking or tie-downs.

Moreover, ask about any underground dangers like sprinkler systems, gas lines, wells, or septic tanks. You need to guarantee the safety of the structure and your visitors.

Tent Packages

Tent rental packages

Remember, you can make things straightforward by ordering a party tent package. Numerous vendors will incorporate the installation charge in the total price—and you can get your preferred tent with many types of tables, chairs, and linens.

Consider Tent Wedding Accessories

Many party rental companies near me and tent sellers can include accessories like sidewall lighted window styles, portable dance floors, and stages. Furthermore, things like chandeliers, lighting, gazebos, wishing wells, aisle runners, candelabras, red carpets, and more.

Settle on your Heating and Cooling Equipment for your Tent

Depending on the area and time of your wedding, you’ll likely need to lease some cooling equipment. Mostly, if you figure the temperature could be a reason for the inconvenience at your outside air wedding. Many tent sellers can give you essential hardware, including portable AC units, generators, heaters, tall patio heaters, floor fans, hanging fans, and much more.

Since we live with the heat, adding sidewalls with portable AC units is an excellent idea to keep the couple fresh and guests cool. However, the temperature can significantly cause people’s annoyance, so make sure to do the legwork and find what’s best for your needs.

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