How to Throw the Best Outdoor Party without Bugs?

Planning a party can be stressful, but throwing the best outdoor party is easier than you might think. The top outdoor party has unique decorations and fun activities. However, it also has delicious food like BBQ meats, drinks, and many things to keep visitors cool and comfortable, including furniture, tents, fans, and lighting. 


Sound complicated? It’s not. Doral Party Equipment Rentals experts have some tips to help you plan an outdoor party without breaking the bank or running yourself ragged in the process.


First, Make a List


Please make a list of everything you’ll need to do and mark it off as you finish each task. Include your shopping list, drink list, music favorites, games, food list, delivery and setup, and the other essential things needed for the party. 


Decide on an Outdoor Party Budget


Figure out how much you’re willing to spend and stick to it. You don’t have to limit yourself with a low budget, but be reasonable about what’s worth spending more money on or skipping altogether. 


Consider, budgeting for alcohol, but not for food. You can settle on liquor and one specialized drink, but you can expect everyone to eat chicken, so ensure correctly budget.


Outdoor Party Tables and Chairs 


Every party needs outside chairs and tables, but we don’t have enough or want to use our own. The better option for an outdoor event or an outside patio bbq party is to rent the chairs and tables from party rentals.  You can do this to save money and space.


It’s better than having your everyday chairs out back for the party. You don’t want guests trying to find a chair or two that is broken, stained, or dirty due to being stored away all year round in damp conditions, which cause damages over time. 


Outside BBQ Food and Drinks Considerations


Planning a menu for an outdoor party doesn’t have to be complicated. Offer a buffet with many food options such as vegan or gluten-free to ensure everyone can have something they like.  


Also, consider having a potluck since your visitors can share their unique dishes. But remember, BBQ food is a must. You can decide to serve BBQ meats like chicken, pork ribs, and steaks, but also you can bbq vegetables for your vegetarians.


If you serve alcohol, provide some non-alcoholic beverages, like water bottles and juices for guests who don’t like to drink. Also, you can ask your friends to bring their alcohol since everyone has different tastes.


Tent Rentals for Outside Events


An outdoor party should be all about enjoying nice weather and scenery, not stressing out over whether it will rain or stay hot enough to enjoy being outside. Be sure to rent a party tent in Miami, FL, just in case there’s rain or too much sun. 


People love the sun but don’t want to get sunburned to death. You can rent a small tent rental for 20 friends or get a large canopy if you expect 50 guests.


How to Keep Bugs Away in the Outdoors?


Bugs can ruin an outside summer party. Empty any standing water in your yard. since that’s where mosquitoes breed. 


Plus, have bug sprays on hand for people to use, so no one gets bitten by bugs. You can use citronella candles to help with pest control and keep your food covered.


Party Decorations


If you like outdoor party decorations, consider hanging colorful lanterns, hanging a piñata, and matching tablecloths. You can mix and match colors and textures as you decorate. 


Buy items your guest can wear and take home, like sunglasses, tank tops, and necklaces. It will make for fun photos. Other fun things for a patio pool party are to provide mini water pistols and fill balloons with water for a fun wet time. Or better yet, consider renting a popular waterslide rental so your guests can slide into the pool from 20 ft high.


Party Rentals has the Best Supplies for the Best Outdoor Party!

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