How to Throw a Disco Themed Party?

What does it take to throw a tremendous disco themed party? Well, our party rentals near me can show you some tricks. This guide will provide you with just that; tips, tricks, and some inspiration to help you have a great time while hosting a truly great disco party for your relatives and friends.


Rent Party Supplies Early

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When planning a disco party on a small budget, time is essential. So try to plan your event a few weeks before the date. 

So, you will have enough time to rent those perfect party disco decorations and hopefully get a discount or a party package. Most of the time, people forget people will often bring a plus one friend or family, increasing your number of guests exponentially. 

That number increase can ruin your seating arrangement, so consider renting party chairs and tables. If you don’t have an excellent place to dance or the lawn is too soft, consider renting a small dance floor rental for fun and safety.


Choose A Party Venue


Where will you hold your party? And, how many friends will you invite? You’ll need to answer these questions when deciding where to throw your disco party. 

The larger the party is, the more people will come, which means you’ll need to make sure your home can accommodate all of them.

If you live in a small house, consider using the patio for a small party (30-50 guests). People like to dance together to the 70s music, and your living just won’t cut it.

For a significant event or if you expect more than 50 guests, think about contacting a venue.


Send Digital Invitations


Yes, it is an old-school disco party, but you can use modern technology to make the invitations. You can send disco-themed party invitations thru your favorite social media site or send an excellent regular email to your friends and family. 

Don’t make paper invitations and save some cash with digital invites. However, don’t make your invitations lame. Instead, get creative and create your invitations using ETSY with one of the many free templates.


Music Equipment, Surround System, and DJ Rentals


If you lack music equipment, surround system, consider renting this hardware from a Party Rentals Company. Also, ask about finding suitable DJ rentals in Miami-Dade for a significant event since people like a professional 70s party. A good DJ will keep your big party flowing, and your dance floor packed.

You can use your own if you have a low budget, but there are some things you can be cheap on, and music is not one of them.


Disco Light Rentals


LED Lights

LED Lights

Disco light rentals are unique for disco parties.  Ask your party rental company if they have them and how much it will cost to rent disco lights, uplights, and LED lights.

You can use classic style lighting if you expect many old guests. Or add modern lighting by setting up party lights like the Led disco ball with color lights that activate by the beats of your 70s disco music.

Lava lamps and plasma globes help match the disco party effect of the Studio 54 club in the ’70s.  Don’t forget; you can always find more inspiration: make sure to search for “disco party tips” on Google search.


Teach your Guests Popular Disco Dances


People usually go to carnival parties for rides and birthday parties for the cake, but disco parties are better known for the music.

You want to get everyone to dance and to keep your party accurate to the disco theme. First, consider teaching popular dances from the 1970s like The Hustle, The Bump Dance, The YMCA, and The Funky Chicken Dance. 

After, you can host a dance competition, karaoke contest, or even a costume contest to enhance your disco party atmosphere.

Wear Disco Themed Party Clothes and Have Fun!


To make the most realistic disco-themed party, you will need to dress up for the 70s party and ask your visitors in the invites that they have to dress up. 

To have a successful party, you will need to have fun too. If you have enjoyment, people will use some of your energy to have fun too. 

You can enhance your party with some 70s party drinks but don’t overdo it since you don’t want people falling or fighting.

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