How to Create the Best Party Balloon Backdrop?

A party balloon backdrop is a great way to add color and style to any children’s or adult gathering. You can follow our tips below to easily sort the balloons at your next party. Regardless of single balloons, garlands, bunches, or combining their styles, Miami balloon decorations experts can help. 

Party balloon garlands contain all you require. Therefore, why purchase single balloons when you can buy everything in one bundle?!  Besides having many colors to match many gathering themes, our party rental near me can also offer custom orders. 

We can work with you to make a unique combination that will wow your visitors and makes a fun party balloon backdrop for your party pics. 

Use a Quality Party Balloons Pump 

You inflate balloon garlands with air and not helium if you prefer. When you have many balloons to inflate, the quality of your pump will have a significant effect. 

The best balloon pumps have double the power as a standard pump, meaning you can inflate your balloons quickly without delays. 

Make the Balloon Party Garland The Day/Night Before your Party 

Outside garland balloons party

Air-inflated garlands will last days, so it is OK to inflate your balloons and build your garland the day or night before your party. It will help prevent the host from having delays and pre-party panics during organizing! 

Know which balloons  to Inflate First

Start with your larger-sized balloons to go as the base for your garland. Next, proceed with the normal-sized balloons and connect one more of the bigger ones as you go. 

Finally, add mini balloons to plug any holes you may have at the end. It’s easier to set up the mini balloons after hanging the garland since you can see the gaps easier. 

Transport the Party Balloons with Care

Consider making your balloon garland at home the day/night before the party date when you throw a party at a venue. Then, transport it to the site in the vehicle’s back or trunk, preferably a truck or van. 

To fit in the standard car, you can cut the decorating strip and then re-attach it using clear zip ties when you set it up. You can add the mini balloons after you have hung the garland to help plug any gaps. 

Wall Party Balloon Backdrop

We suggest using removable hooks when you want to attach party balloons to a wall. Ensure you apply removable hooks to your wall a few hours before hanging your party balloon garland. 

You can use a fishing line or clear zip ties strung through the decorating strip holes to connect the hooks. If you prefer attaching your garland to a fabric backdrop, use large safety pins connected to a loop of fishing line or clear zip ties hung through the openings in the decorating strip. 

Foil  Balloon Balls Correct Inflation Tip

foil party balloons decoration 2021

While inflating foil balloon balls, ensure to continue growing until all seams are flat. Often, you may think your balloon will pop, but if you inflate them slowly, it won’t! 

Outdoor Party Balloons 

If you want to throw an outdoor park or balloon patio party, you can string your garland between trees or posts using a fishing line connected to the decorating strip. 

You can also construct a straightforward stand using a thin plastic line spray-painted if you rather have a free-standing garland. Moreover, use a board or table backdrop to connect the garland. 

Party Balloon Bunches need Helium to Float

children birthday balloon party

Use helium to inflate party balloon bunches if you’d like them to float. I suggest inflating your balloons with helium only a few hours before the occasion. 

I also don’t recommend helium inflation the day before the event. 

Confetti Party Balloons

You may often see confetti balloons at the bottom of confetti pools at a party. So, if you don’t have the same issue, blow some air in the confetti balloons first. Large balloons fill to a basketball size with air, and smaller balloons are more like tennis balls. After using air, inflate the confetti balloons with helium as required. 

Also, you can use static, so the confetti sticks to the sides of the balloons. To make static, rub the inflated balloons with your hand and roll them to spread the confetti afterward. Repeat the process throughout your occasion if you see the confetti beginning to pool once more.

Party Balloon Arches Backdrop Cost

According to Y Te Events, party balloon helium arches range in price from $250 up to $1200+, depending on the balloon arch’s size, complexity, and style.  However, air-filled party balloons can cost less, about $5-$10-$20 per linear foot.

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