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How To Throw an Inflatable Castle Party

Like having a grin on your face then a Bounce House Rental Miami birthday celebrations is what the doctor ordered to get the happiness going. Individuals like to combine a traditional party and make them into huge events. An inflatable castle can make your celebration more enjoyable, and the best news is not only for kids.

Sometimes obtaining your inflatable castle will make your brain swirl since you have to think about how to use it and where to store it when the event ends. I say wave theses worry clouds aside and lease the bounce house that’s right for you.

Do you know what the first rule of planning a birthday party? Well, to keep children happy and occupied. Yeah, that’s right, busy. The more items you have to keep them occupied, the less of a chance they have of getting uninterested. However, how do you begin your party planning? Well, with us naturally! Let’s start with party rentals in Miami top tips for making an inflatable castle party:

First, rent an inflatable castle that’s right for your celebration

rent an inflatable castle right for your celebration

I know probably the invites, or the other party items should go first. However, once you get the right bounce house, you have the fun and a way of enticing the guest to come like a trap of some sort. Kids jump and play while parents rest a little so what’s not to love? You could share the duty of supervising with other parents and still enjoy your day.

Usually, waterslides get rented for hot summer backyard parties and a bounce house for a kid’s birthday. However, people lease them for instance, charity, church, and, carnival events too. Inflatable obstacle courses also permit kids to bounce around or to run across, climb and slide. It allows them to burn calories, be occupied, and keeps them happy! Bounce house rentals come at different prices so don’t be afraid to ask for rates.

Type of guest list and send invitations early

A question from most parents would be “How many children do I invite?” It’s a critical question, then to answer you’ll need to consider your children’s age, personality, and, how does he/she get along with other kids. Younger children could get overwhelmed throughout a massive celebration and may do with a small party instead.

Children that go to daycare or preschool or have older siblings could interact fine in a hectic environment and do well with a huge celebration. Also, remember your inflatable castle has an age limit so a bounce house for toddlers cannot have older kids playing. It’s a safety issue as older children are heavier and could hurt others.

The customary tips for a kid’s birthday celebration would be to send out invitations 2-4 weeks before the party. Sending the invites with too much time like two months will lead to some guests forgetting the party. However, addressing them with little time will also mean that some guests don’t have enough time to get ready or organize their schedules to attend. So a month give enough of a window to cancel or to come.

Setup an artwork table or get entertainment

setup an artwork table or get entertainment

Art tables are a complete blast, and they are affordable to install. It allows guests to take something home, and encourages kids to be creative! Get some glue, glitter, washable paint, plastic jewels, and, get creative.

There shouldn’t be winners, and you could give prizes to all the participants as a thank you. The crafts should go with the theme, for example, Batman party should have the Batman colors such as dark blue, black, grey and yellow. Likewise, princess parties would have wands or crowns with pink as the favorite color.

Go another route and hire a petting zoo, or even employ a clown, and, a face painter to come wow your crowd! These are many ways to keep children happy and entertain. Most entertainers work hourly, but some work by the show so ask before hiring.



You could also provide an optional menu of food items which can please children and adults. Fun foods such as spaghetti with meatballs, pizza, and ice cream will put smiles on the faces of everyone.

Beautiful theme cake and many types of drinks. However, don’t forget the vegetarians so pick out fruits and tofu scramble for non-meat eaters.

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