How To Use Your Chocolate Fountain Machine?

24 Hours Party Rentals loves when clients throw parties while they use our chocolate fountain machine rentals and chocolate treats. What do you mean, chocolate treats? Yeah, delicious melted chocolate is dancing for you and your guest to eat and mix with other delicacies. Whether using a sizeable lovely commercial chocolate fountain machine rental or a cute small house unit, they all work the same.

If you’ve got a pump design fountain instead of an auger (corkscrew) pushed chocolate jar, sometimes chocolate clogs from the little plastic tube and can be a disaster. However, do not worry that most chocolate fountains have a much superior auger fashion.

So how do you make a chocolate fountain machine party? Well, party rentals in Miami experts will give you some tips to get the most out of your machine:

Set Up the Chocolate Fountain Machine Safely

pick the right place where you can set up the chocolate fountain safely

Decide on a place away from ac ducts, swinging doors, dance flooring, outside doorways, etc. Set up the chocolate fountain machine elsewhere if the site is poorly adequate. You will ruin the chocolate function since being straight beneath A/C ducts will cause the chocolate to cool, and it’ll begin to harden and won’t flow correctly.

Set up your Chocolate Fountain on a well-made Level Table

Most chocolate fountains do not arrive with a way to measure, so go to your local hardware store and pick up a small level. They charge a few dollars, and it is money well invested. Do not try to eye it up as an alternative to using the level. Before the chocolate is in the fountain, place the level throughout the border of the fountain bowl.

Make sure the fountain is flat by adjusting the table’s feet and repeating it repeatedly at various sides. The more precise, the higher the flow of the chocolate. An even fountain will enable the chocolate to flow evenly across the whole cascade, which makes everyone say, “wow.”

Never use a Chocolate Fountain Machine Rental Outside

never utilize a chocolate fountain outside

I understand you are tempted to use the machine outside but don’t use a chocolate fountain outside. A gust of wind will blow off the chocolate around you and your visitors, ruining your party. Furthermore, a sudden rainstorm will damage things as it will make the chocolate seize because chocolate & water do not mix.

So maybe no rain or any wind, then insects love chocolate too. If you have to take it outside, rent a sidewall tent as it protects you from the weather and other elements like bugs.

Chocolate Cooking Tips

Think about melting the chocolate until you go to the event or when the party starts and transport/store it in containers within a cooler. Chocolate doesn’t harden until it drops to 70-72 °F.

By putting the melted chocolate in the bottles within a Styrofoam cooler, you’ll insulate it from external temperatures so it stays warm and in a liquid state for many hours.

You will be prepared once you reach the occasion and ready to add chocolate, especially if you do not have kitchen facilities during the event.

Chocolate Fountain Faulty Technique Tricks

chocolate fountain faulty techniques tricks

Before adding the chocolate, always preheat the chocolate fountain. When the room is chilly, the tiers and the metal bowl get cold too, and as soon as the chocolate has been poured, it may harden and not flow correctly.

For instance, everything is going great, but a little time later, the fountain stops flowing or working. Probably, you need to add more chocolate, or the fountain has gotten air trapped in the tube, which makes the chocolate flow irregularly or entirely stops working.

Switch off the auger for around 15 minutes. You will probably see air bubbles popping from the chocolate as the chocolate slides back down to the bowl from inside the auger tube. Turn back on the fountain, and you will fix the problem.

If the issue persists, level the fountain and ensure you’re not under the AC or wind entering from a window.


Always remember to clean when you finish using the chocolate fondue fountain machine and enjoy your delicious treats. For instance, strawberries, cookies, bananas, cookie dough, Cinnamon Eggos, and much more will make the best snack party of all time.

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